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Gustav Hogland, Dwarven Holds:


Characters + 1676P
Anvil of power: Rune of Gleaming, Rune of Shattering, Rune of storms 300 P
Dragon Seeker: Monster Seeker 400 p
· Runic Items
·· Runic Weapon: Rune of Precision, 2x Rune of Quickening 
Lords of Stone 620 points
· King: Army General, Shield, Shielbearers,
·· Runic Items: 2x Rune of Might , 3x Rune of Shielding, Rune of destruction
Lords of Stone 376 points
· Thane: Shield holdstone
·· Battle Standard Bearer
··· Battle Standard Bearer:
····· Runic Items: 2x Rune of iron, 2x Rune of Shielding, Rune of smashing
Core + 1148 Points
Greybeards : Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer
· 26x greybeards: 26x Shield, 26x gw
Clan marksmen : Champion, Musican, standard bearer
. 12x Clan marksmen, 12x crossbows, 12x shields
Special + 826 Points
Seekers:  5x Seeker, Vanguard, skirmish
Deep watch: 22x deep watch, Fc, Runic Standard of Shielding
Clans' Thunder + 200
Steam bomber 
Engines of war + 650
organ gun: Runecrafted
Organ gun: Runecrafted
Marcus Östling Saurian Ancients:
Firstborn Warlord on Raptor (350), General, Fleshrender (50), Glittering Cuirass (60), Sprout of Rebirth (80) – 540
Firstborn Veteran on Raptor (270), BSB (50), GW (40), Armour of Destiny (90), Lucky Charm (10) – 460
Firstborn Veteran on Raptor (270), Great Weapon (40), Armour of Fortune (50), Dragonfire Gem (15), Crown of Scorn (30) – 405
Firstborn Veteran on Raptor (270), Sword of Strength (30), Dusk stone (60), Hardened Shield (10) – 370
3x10 Saurian Warriors, mu – 570 pts
2x10 Saurian Warriors – 340
2x11 Skank Hunters, Blowpipes, Vanguard – 428
2x9 Chameleons – 440
2x2 Weapon Beasts Spearback – 480
Taurosaur - 450
= 4483
Tobias Cowie Vampire Covenant:
Lamia bloodline
Lord/Heroes: 1660p
Vampire Lord; General 690p -Blood Power; Commandment -Magic Items; Blessed sword, dragon mantle, talisman of supreme shielding wizard apprentice; 1 spell (evocation) Heavy armour and shield.
Barrow King; BSB 310p -Magic Items; Hardend shield, heroes sword, talisman of greater shielding
Necromancer 400p -magic items; ring of fire -wizard apprentice; 1 spell (evocation) -mount; Cadaver Wagon (endless horde)
Necromancer 260p -Magic items; dispel scroll -wizard apprentice; 1 spell (evocation)
Core: 900p
2x bat swarm 120p
52x skeletons; 570p -FCG (war standard) -shield and spear
30x Zombies 210p -musician standard
Special: 620p
Altar of the undeath (dark tome) 460p
5x dire wolves 80p
2x great bats 80p
Swift Death: 1320p
Shrieking horror 500p
4x Vampire knights 380p -musician
3x vampire spawn 220p
3x vampire spawn 220p
Peter Edvardsson, Highborn Elves:

High Prince: General, Royal Huntsman, Lion Chariot, Heavy Armour, Great Weapon, Great bow of Elu, Dragonscale Helm, Talisman of Supreme shieldning, 746

Mage: Pyromancy, Wizard Master, 4 learned spells, Asfad Scholar, Ring of Fire, Sceptre of Power, 570

Commander: Alchemy, 1 learned spells, Master of Carneig Tower, BSB, Longbow, 324

27 Citzen Archers, M, 506

5 Highborn Lancers, 250

5 Elain Reavers, 180

5 Elain Reavers, Bows, 190

6 Knights of Ryma, M, S, Warbanner of Ryma, 494

2x1 Sky Sloops, Sky Reaper, 240

2*1 Fire Phoenix, 380


Total: 4500



David Ek, Sylvan Elves:

Forest Chieftan, General, Forest guardian, light armour, elven cloak,
Sacred spear of Cadaron, Lucky shield, Talisman of shielding, 310p

Chieftan, BSB, light armour, longbow, elven cloak,
Hardned shield, Hailshots, 304p

25 Forest guardians, FC, shield, light armour, spear, Amryl愀 banner 435p

13 Sylvan arcers, musican, black arrows, 352p

13 Sylvan arcers, musican, black arrows, 352p

6 Wild huntmen, Banner, Champion, shield, light armour, sylvan lances, 422p

6 Wild huntmen, Banner, Champion, shield, light armour, sylvan lances, 422p

7 Briar maidens, FC, Gleming icon, 464p

3 Kestrel Knights, banner, champion, shield, War standard, 377p

Forest eagle, 100p

Treemother, 480p

Treemother, 480p


Total: 4498p



Mattias Lagerlöf, Ogre Khans

Great Khan Spinesplitter @ 560 
     General; Spinesplitter; Mammoth-Hide Cloak, Heart-Ripper, Divine Icon
Khan @ 340.0 Pts
     Battle Standard; Dragonskin Banner
Mammoth Hunter Trolleater @ 450 
     Trolleater; Hunting Spear; Iron Fist; Tusker; Bluffer's Helm
Shaman Apprentice @ 440
     4 Learned Spells; The Shamanism, Ring of Fire
10 Tribesmen @ 788 
     Iron Fist; Veteran Magic Standard, Musician, Champion, Banner of Speed
21 Scraplings @ 136
3 Bruisers @ 205 Pts
     Standard, Champion
2 Tusker Cavalry @ 320
     Iron Fist
2 Tusker Cavalry @ 300
2x1 Rock Aurochs @ 480
    Hunting Spear
Sebastian Lindblad, Ogre Khans:
Characters: 1800/1800
Great Khan - General, Khagdais Maul, Sprout of Rebirth - 550
Khan - BSB, Spinesplitter, Ironfists, Yeti Furs, Talisman of Greater Shielding - 420
Mammoth Hunter - Trolleater, ironfists, Hunting Spear, Tusker, Bluffers Helm, Lucky Charm - 460
Shaman - Pyrromancy, +2 spells, Shielding Scroll - 370
Core: 1148/1125
5 Bruisers - M, S - 381
15 Scraplings - Bows, M - 130
8 Tribesmen - C, M, S, Ironfists, Veteran Standard, Banner of Discipline - 637
Special: 680/0000
Sabretooth Tiger - 80
Sabretooth Tiger - 80
3 Tusker Cavalry - M, S, Light Armour+ironfists, Gleaming Icon - 520
Chained Beasts: 870/1350
Rock Auroch - Lance - 490
Frost Mammoth - Ogre Crossbow 380
Total: 4498/4500




Hampus Nordin, Dwarven Holds:


Runic Smith: Army General, Rune of Gleaming, Rune of Resilience, Rune of Swift Striking, Shield, 2x Rune of Iron [279pts]
Anvil of Power: Rune of Gleaming, Rune of Shattering, Rune of Storms [300pts]
Thane: Battle Standard Bearer, Great Weapon, Holdstone, Rune of Mountains, Rune of Resistance [390pts]

28x Clan Warriors, full command, great weapons, shields, Veteran Standard Bearer: Banner of Speed [706pts]
16x Clan Marksmen: Crossbows, Musician, Shields, Standard Bearer [424pts]

25x Deep Watch [670pts]: full command
Vengeance Seeker [120pts]
Vengeance Seeker [120pts]

10x Miner, Musician, Pistol[250pts]

Steam Copters; 2x Attack Copter, Skirmish [300pts]
Steam Copters; 2x Attack Copter, Skirmish [300pts]

Field Artillery; Catapult: Rune Crafted [320pts]
Field Artillery; Catapult: Rune Crafted [320pts]



Erik Aronson, Warriors of the Dark Gods:

Lord of Chaos @670 pts 
 general, mark of pestilence, shield, daemonic wings, 
 sprout of rebirth, dragon mantle, Spear of Gagnir 
Lord of Chaos @750 pts 
 mark of change, shield, disc of change, Third eye of change 
 Greater talisman of shielding, bluffer’s helm, jack’s pickaxe 
Harbinger of chaos @590 pts 
 mark of pestilence, battle standard bearer, 
 great weapon, palanquin, Waste-hardened skin
 dusk stone, crown of scorn 
25 Wasteland warriors @970 pts 
 mark of pestilence, great weapons 
 standard, musician, champion, banner of speed 
10 Chosen @360 pts 
 mark of lust, halberds 
5 knights @380 pts 
 daemon weapons, standard bearer 
5 knights @455 pts 
 daemon weapons 
 musician, standard bearer, Aether icon 
5 barbarian horsemen @160 pts
5 barbarian horsemen @160 pts
TOTAL: 4495 pts
Kimani Bengtsson, Highborn Elves:

High Prince: 250pts (total: 726pts) General

  • Royal Huntsman: 90pts,  Lion Chariot Mount: 170pts, Great Weapon: 20pts

  • Talisman of Surpreme Shielding: 100pts, Bluffers Helm: 80pts, Heavy armour: 16pts

Commander: 150tps (total: 340pts)

  • BSB 50pts, queens companion 40pts,

  • Charm of Cursed Iron: 30pts, Great bow of Elu: 70pts

Mage: 200pts (total: 600pts), Divination, Pyromancy

  • Asfad Scholar 80pts, wizard master 70pts,

  • 3x spells 150pts, Ring of fire: 50pts, Essence of a free mind: 50pts

20x Citizen Spears: 260pts, Musician, Champion: 40pts (total: 300pts)   

20x Citizen Archers: 360pts, Musician, Standard: 40pts, Flaming Banner: 45pts (total: 445pts)

5x Reavers: 180pts, Bows 2pts/m (total: 190pts)

5x Reavers: 180pts, Bows 2pts/m (total: 190pts)

27x Lion Guards: Champion+Musician: 40pts (total: 729pts)  

5x Knights of Ryma: Standard Bearer+Musician: 40pts, Ryma Banner: 60pts (Total: 440pts)

3x Sea guard reapers: 540pts


Total: 4500pts



Mathias Eriksson, Saurian Ancients:


580@Warlord, general, raptor, gw, glittering cuirass, sprout of rebirth, divine icon.
460@veteran, bsb, gw, raptor, armor of destiny, lucky charm.
390@veteran, gw, raptor, armor of fortune, crown of scorn.
900@5*10 saurusar, spears.
490@7 raptor riders, mus, standard, banner of speed.
440@2*9 chameleons.
428@2*11 skank hunters, blowpipes, vanguard.
120@1 spearback.
240@2 spearbacks.
450@ 1 taurosaur.



Marcus Engblom, Ogre Khans:


560 - Great Khan, General, Spinesplitter, Heart-Ripper, Mammoth-Hide Cloak, Divine Icon

370 - Khan, BSB, Great Weapon, Dragonhide Banner
440 - Shaman 3 extra spells (shamanism), ring of fire
395 - Mammoth Hunter, Tusker, Iron Fist, Hunting spear, Bluffers Helm, Dragonfire Gem
788 - 10x Tribesmen, Iron Fists, M, S, C, Banner of Speed
162 - 19x Scraplings, bow, M
185 - 3x Bruisers, M
340 - 2x Tusker Cavalry, Light Armour and Iron Fists, S
300 - 2x Tusker Cavalry
480 - 2x1 Rock Aurochs



Kaj Gyllinger, Warriors of the dark gods:

Chaos lord of lust, General, Steed of lust, Great weapon, Waste hardened skin, Bluffers helm, Sprout of rebirth, Divine Icon - 730
Chaos lord of lust, Steed of lust, Shield, Jacks pickaxe, Dragonscale helm, Talisman of supreme shielding- 650
Harbringer of lust, BSB, Steed of lust, Lance, Hardned shield, Dusk stone, Crown of scorn - 510
8 Barbarian horsemen of lust, Shields - 264
17 Wasteland warriors of wrath, Halberds, S, M, Banner of fury - 637
2 x 10 Chosen of lust, Halberds - 360
10 Chosen of lust, Halberds, S, Nine-tailed standard - 460
1 Wasteland chariot of lust, Pair of steeds - 260
1 Battle shrine of lust - 260
Total: 4491
Jonas Rådemar, Saurian Ancients:
Heroes: 40.0%
Firstborn Warlord on Alpha Carnosaur @ 980
Lucky Shield, Spear of the Stampede, Starfall Shard, Divine Icon
Firstborn Veteran on Raptor @ 460
Armour of Destiny, Lucky Charm, BSB, Great Weapon
Skink Priest on 50x50mm Skink Palanquin @ 360
Druidism, 3 Spells, Black Cube, Jade Staff
Core: 20.1%
35 Saurian Warriors @ 905pts
Standard, Musician, Champion, Serpent Totem, Spears, Flaming Standard
6 Caimans @ 480
5 Raptor Riders @ 280
Jungle Guerilla:
5 Chameleons @ 140
5 Chameleons @ 140
5 Skink Hunters @ 110
Weapon Beast (Salamander) @ 150
Weapon Beast (Spearback) @ 120
Weapon Beast (Spearback) @ 120
Thunder Lizards: 17.1% (520 from Hero Mount)
Thyroscutus (Sun Engine) @ 250 
Sum: 4495
David Englund, Vampire Covenant:
Vampire Count (1185) Colossal Zombie Dragon 510, Blade of Red Thirst 75, Lucky Shield 10, Divine Icon 40, Von Karnstein 50, Storm Caller 120, The Dead Arise 30, Wizard Apprentice, 1 Spell, Evocation
Necromancer (210) Ruby Ring 50, 1 Spell, Evocation
Necromancer (160) 1 spell, Evocation
Dire Wolves x8 (116)
Dire Wolves x8 (116)
Skeletons x36 (360) Musician 20, Champion 20
Zombies x28 (178) Musician 20
Zombies x20 (130) Musician 20
Altar of Undeath (400)
Altar of Undeath (460) Dark Tome 60
Dark Coach (480) Extended Chassis 20, Blood Ties 20
Winged Reaper x4 (704) Paired Weapons  64
Jon Ståhlberg, Dwarven holds:
Runic smith (General), shield, 2*rune of iron, rune of steel, Aether Loathestone @309
Thane, battle standard bearer, shield, 2*rune of iron, rune of dragons breath, rune of shielding @316
29 clan warriors, FCG, spear, shield, war standard @592
10 clan warriors, musician, shield, throwing weapons @180
10 clan warriors, musician, shield, throwing weapons @180
10 clan warriors, musician, shield, throwing weapons @180
20 Kings guard, Champion, musician @550
21 Seekers, musician @482
10 Miners, pistols @230
2 Attack copters, skirmish @300
2 Attack copters, skirmish @300
Cannon @270
Cannon @270
Flame cannon, rune crafted @170
Flame cannon, rune crafted @170
Summa 4499

Björn Ericson, Deamon Legion:


1 Scorge of Wrath, General, Eternal Fury, Eternal Sword, Obsidian Horn, Shackles of Reality, 1110

2x10 Slaughters, Onslaughts, M, 2x250

27 Tallymen, C, M, S, War Standard, 718

1 Siren Chariot, 200

6 Mounted Sirens, S, 232

6 Clawed Fiends, 700

1 Altar of Slaughter, 360

5 Furies, Mark of Wrath, 140

1 Daemon Engine, Mark of Wrath, Hellish Breath, 540




Pelle Ulvegrip, Undying Dynasties:

Death Cult Hierarch [480pts]: Evocation, Hierophant, 3x May add up to 3 Learned Spells, May become Wizard Master
. Magic Items: Book of the Dead
Monarchs of the Dead [316pts]
. Nomarch: Army General, Aspen Bow, Light Armour
. . Magic Items: Crown of the Pharaohs
Tomb Architect [160pts]
Great Vultures [160pts]: 3x Great Vulture
Shabtis [934pts]: Halberd, 9x Shabti
. Champion
. Musician
. Standard Bearer: War Standard
Ancient Ordnance
Charnel Catapult [200pts]
Charnel Catapult [200pts]
Masons Menagerie
Battle Sphinx [450pts]
Battle Sphinx [450pts]
Skeleton Archers [380pts]: Musician, 30x Skeleton Archer
Skeleton Archers [188pts]: Musician, 14x Skeleton Archer
Skeleton Archers [188pts]: Musician, 14x Skeleton Archer
Skeleton Scouts [130pts]: 5x Skeleton Cavalry
Skeleton Scouts [130pts]: 5x Skeleton Cavalry
Skeleton Scouts [130pts]: 5x Skeleton Cavalry
Total: [4496pts] pts
Joahn Broman, Highborn Elves:
Prince, General, Royal Huntsman, Lion chariot, GW, HA, Bluffers helm, Talisman of supreme shielding@726
Mage, Master, 4 spells, Asfad Scholar, Pyromancy, Gleaming Robe, Book of arcane power@680
Commander, BsB, Queens companion, Bow of Elu@310
29 archers, mus@542
5 Elein reavers@180
5 Elein reavers@180
5 Lancers@250
Fire Phoenix@380
Sea Guard Reaper@180
Sea Guard Reaper@180
30 Lion Guards, FC, Banner of Speed@880
Erik Dalhström, Highborn Elves:

High Prince Master of Canreig Tower: Great Weapon,  The General
· Learned Magic Spells: 4x Alchemy spell
·· Magic Items: Mithril Mail, Ring of Fire, Sprout of Rebirth


Commander Fleet Officer: Battle Standard Bearer, Dragonforged Armour, Shield

· Magic Items: Dragon Mantle, - Spear of the Blazing Dawn


Citizen Spears [320pts]: 20x Spearman

· Champion
·· Musician
··· Standard Bearer: Veteran Standard Bearer


Citizen Archers [326pts]: 17x Archer, Musician

Citizen Archers [308pts]: 16x Archer, Musician

Elein Reavers [190pts]
· 5x Elein Reaver: 5x Bow


Flame Wardens [664pts]: 21x Flame Warden

· Champion
·· Musician
··· Standard Bearer: Flaming Standard

Giant Eagles [100pts]: Giant Eagle

Knights of Ryma [514pts]: 6x Knight of Ryma
· Champion
·· Musician
··· Standard Bearer: HBE - War Banner of Ryma

Lion Chariot [230pts]


Sea Guard Reaper [180pts]

Sea Guard Reaper [180pts]


Fire Phoenix [380pts]


Total: [4500pts]



Henrik Karlsson, Deamonic Legions:


Father of pestilence: general, lvl4 divination, supreme aspect, ethernal sword, hellish crown: 1270

Harbringer of pestilence: supreme aspect, blight fly, halberd: 410

30 Tallymen, Contamination, full command, war standard: 910
6 pestilent beasts, Contamination: 864
3 pestilent beasts, Contamination: 432
4 blight flies, Contamination, champion, standard, banner of speed: 610
Total: 4496 poäng



Johannes Einemo, Sylvan Elves:

Druid Master on unicorn @ 700.0 Pts
General, Druidism, 4 Learned Spells, Tree Singing
Talisman of Supreme Shielding, Book of Arcane Power

Forest Guardian BSB @ 380.0 Pts
Longbow, Elven Cloak, Light Armour, Shield, Sacred Spear of Cadaron, Dragonscale Helm

30 Forest Rangers @ 800.0 Pts
Full command, Banner of Speed

14 Sylvan Archers @ 376.0 Pts
14 Sylvan Archers @ 376.0 Pts
14 Sylvan Archers @ 376.0 Pts

5 Briar Maidens @ 330.0 Pts

8 Blade Dancers @ 320.0 Pts
8 Blade Dancers @ 320.0 Pts
8 Blade Dancers @ 320.0 Pts

Forest Eagle @ 100.0 Pts
Forest Eagle @ 100.0 Pts

Total Army Cost: 4498.0



Oscar Lagnelöv, Infernal Dwarves:


Overlord, General, Shield, Onyx Hammer, Dragon Mantle, Duskstone, Gauntlet of Madzhab, 526
Vizier, BSB, Shield, Ring of Desiccation, Banner of the Brazen Bull, 354
Prophet, Wizard Master, 4 Spells, Path of Alchemy, Ring of Fire, Book of Arcane Power 610
20 Citadel Guards, Flintlock Axes, Musician, Standard, Banner of Flame, 715
13 Citadel Guards, Flintlock Axes, Musician, 412
5 Taurukhs, Shield, 170
5 Taurukhs, 160 
5 Kadim Incarnates, 550
6 Kadim incarnates, 660
Rocket Battery, Bound Deamon, 340



Alexander Holmberg, Dread Elves:

Characters: 1585        
Dread Prince: 508    
    General, Cult of Yema, Crimson mail, Headsmans Axe, Ring of Fire, Repeater Crossbow

Cult Priest: 685
    Bsb, Cult of Yema, Divine Altar, Skullsplitter, Gladiator weapons, Lucky Shield

Assassin: 392
    Path of silent death, Midnight cloak, Paired weapons, Nightshade

Core: 1138        
10xCorsairs: 200    
    Musician, Handbow

21xDread Legionnaires: 338
    Spears, Musician

5xDark Raiders: 200
    Repeater crossbows

5xDark Raiders: 200
    Repeater crossbows

5xDark Raiders: 200
    Repeater crossbows

Special: 1442                
26xDancers of Yema: 662
    FC, Banner of Speed            

5xDark Acolytes: 390
    Champion, Cult of Yema

5xDark Acolytes: 390    
    Champion, Cult of Yema

Raiders: 334(+200+200+200+392)        
9xRaven Cloaks: 334    



Mattias Ström, Ogre Khans:
370 - Mammoth Hunter, General, Tusker, Iron Fist, Ogre Crossbow, Dragonscale Helm, Wildheart
390 - Mammoth Hunter, Battle Standard Bearer, Tusker, Ogre Crossbow, Crown of Scorn, Hardened Shield, Sword of Strength.
345 - Mammoth Hunter, Ogre Crossbow, Bronze breastplate, Heart-Ripper, scout, Spinesplitter.
240 - Mammoth Hunter, Iron Fist, Ogre Crossbow, Scout.
240 - Mammoth Hunter, Iron Fist, Ogre Crossbow, Scout.
220 - Mammoth Hunter, Iron Fist, Ogre Crossbow
106 - 16x Scraplings, Throwing Weapons, Musician 
202 - 3x Tribesmen, Iron Fists
202 - 3x Tribesmen, Iron Fists
202 - 3x Tribesmen, Iron Fists
202 - 3x Tribesmen, Iron Fists
490 - 3x Tusker Cavalry, Light Armour and Iron Fist, Musician
340 - 2x Tusker Cavalry, Light Armour and Iron Fist, Musician
480 - Rock Auroch, Ogre Crossbow
480 - Rock Auroch, Ogre Crossbow
Total points 4499
Dennis Palmkvist, Kingdom of Equitaine:
Favour of the King



Barded horse, Shield, Might, Dragonlance, Dragonscale helm, Crown of Scorn 515



Humility, Crown of Autocrazy, General 280



Barded horse, Daring, Lance, BSB, Hardned shield 297


11 Knights of Realm FC, Banner of last charge 644

60 Peasant Levy M Spears 460

59 Peasant Levy M Spears 452

59 Peasant Levy M Spears 452 

20 Peasant bowmen M 280

5 Yeoman Outriders Throwing Weapons 110

Sacred Reliquary 260

3 Pegasus Knights Skirmish 390

3 Pegasus Knights 360




Daniel Tooke, Vermin Swarm:


Tyrant, General, Light armour, Crown of autocracy, War litter @ 310

Cheif, BSB, Light armour, Crown of Scorn, Aether Icon @ 245

4x10 Footpads, Musician @ 140

2x15 Plague brotherhood, Musician @ 180

51 Slaves, Musician @ 214

2x2 Rat swarms @ 90

2x14 Disciples @ 310

2x2 Thunder Hulks @ 355

2x Dreadmill @ 250

2x Abomination @ 400

Total: 4499



Elias Roos, Orcs and Goblins


650 - Feral Orc Warlord, Wyvern, Shield, Axe of the Aporcalypse, Bronze Breastplate, Potion of Swiftness, Dragonfire Gem

750 - Iron Orc Warlord, General, Waaargh, Wyvern, Hardened Shield, Talisman of Supreme Shielding, Obsidian Sword, Divine Icon
200 - Common Goblin Chief, BSB, Shield, Crown of Cavern King
200 - Forest Goblin Chief, Scuttler Spider, Shield, Crown of Scorn, Maza's Zappin Bow
440 - 40x Common Goblins, 3x Shady Gits, Shield, Bow, M, S, C, War Standard
380 - 2x30 Cave Goblins, 2x Mad Gits, Bow, M, S
180 - 3x Greenhide Catapult, 2x Git Launcher, 1x Splatterer
480 - 2x Gargantula

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