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Postad 15 oktober 2006 - 12:45

Eftersom jag redan postat den på TWF så blev den på engelska. Enjoy!

Giant Fanatic Report

So once again GF was appearing at the horizon. Last year was a great experience and with the rulespack being changed all for the better I had a feeling this years edition would be even better. I couldnt count to make as good a running like last year as I only played 4 games since easter and I fielded a spanking new army in a spanking new edition. But enough of pre-report ramblings – here is my list.
Tomb King, Scorpion Armour, Crown of Kings, Cloak of the Dunes
Liche Priest, 2 Dispelscroll, horse
Hierophant, Hieratic Jar, horse

19 Bowmen with Full Command
12 Bowmen with no command
2 Scorpions
2 Swarms
3 Carrions
1 Bonegiant
1 Screaming skull catapult with ( drumroll ) Skulls of the Foe
3*4 Chariots with a banner, one with Warbanner.

My Allies were
Dragonslayer with Deathblow
10 Slayers
3 Doomseekers ( looking for cheese )

The list was designed with two purposes. Avoid the strategy cards as much as possible and be quick to paint.

Game 1 – Martin Davidsen ( ended up in 46th place )

David had a very nicely painted Bret army on a beautiful display base. It was something like this:

Lord with sword that is nasty against T5+.
BSB with Virtue of Duty
2 Damsels
2*6 Errants
8 Realm
7-8 Grailers
7 Questers
3*10 Bowmen
3 Pegs

His allies were
Alter Noble
13 Glade Guards
10 Dryads

From the beginning I felt this would be a nice game. Martin was a top sports guy, got my vote later on for it and won the Sportsmanship award in the end – rightly so. I played Boggy Ground to reduce his movement a bit. With 6 units he would be reduced to move 6 on his lances on turn 3. This would later prove to be the key to win as they would only flee on 2 dice.

My left flank was secured with my small unit of bowmen, a unit of chariots and a doomseekers. My center consisted of my big fortress unit, screaming skull, slayers and catapult while the right flank was occupied by my remaining chariot units and two doomseekers. Swarms were deployed behind two of his bowmen units and the scorps on the flanks of his glade guards. With him praying I got first turn. I moved my 12 bowmen andc chariots up a bit to take potshots at his knights. The The catapult fired at his generals unit in an attempt to panic it to reduce his leadership but failed this. His first turn got of to a good start when he by magic sent his questing knights into my left charioteers, destroying them utterly. His 43 bows were aimed at my catapult but only killed one crewmember. It was only my second turn and I was looking at trouble. The questers were in position to threaten my flank. I could get a doomseeker into their rear but this was no guarantee so my giant changed his view to the questers and by magical attrition it was sent into the flank of the guys still looking for the lady – only to cause zero wounds and take two himself from combat resolution. The Doomseeker who joined the fray was equally useless at getting through the thick armour of the valorous knights. One of my scorpions turned up and charged his alter only to fail to hit it even once and then got wounded 3 times himself – sending him into the ozone layer as a big puff of smoke.

His second turn was somewhat cautious as he didnt want to risk getting stuck in something undeadly and get flankcharged. His magic and shooting was once again painfully useless and only cost me another crewmember on the catapult. My giant had now realized that maybe the sharp ends of his weapons ( yeah – bonegiants and just as dumb as their mortal counterparts ) would prove more useful and killed two knights. The Doomseeker was inspired by this and sent another knight of his horse and down into the mud. The Questers did hold though. The catapult kept its target against his generals unit but never succeeded in panicking them.

At the beginning of my third turn the swarms and second scorpion appeared. Unfortunately the swarms didnt actually appear on the table and the scorpion scattered 10 inched away – just to get into charge range of the Grailers exposed flank. The scorpion went in there and was joined by a unit of chariots. The other chariotunit crashed into 6 Errant Knights. On the other side of the battlefield my giant sent another two knights sprawling and this time the knights broke and fled – together with his last remaining scroll and BSB. The chariot and scorpion did pretty well against the grailers killing a couple but the grailers fought back and won combat by one. The Errants were no match for the pride of the Khemrians and were promptly hacked down and sent fleeing which allowed me to pursuit into the dryads standing between the grailers and fleeing Errants. And oh – I healed my catapult up to full strength just to piss his archers off =)

On his turn three he declared countercharges against my dryadengaging Chariots and the Scorpion stinging the Grail Knights. He also launched his Generals unit against my slayers ( which was a mistake ). Then he launched a full barrage of dice of crap. No wounds against the scorpion nor the chariots and needless to say this meant he was now locked in combat with my own countermeasures arriving at the scene. The only casualties were my Dragonslayer and one slayer.

So my fourth turned saw a doomseekers launch himself at the dryads fighting together with errants against my chariots, the giant forcing the pegasus knights to flee ( they moved away from their position to defend all his archers when the swarms ended up on the other side of the planet ) and my large bowmen unit with the king in front launched an assault against the flank of his generals unit. The Doomseekers sliced through two dryads and the chariots caused a couple of wounds too which sent the knights fleeing the battle. The dryads fled as well and his generals unit did the same and was cut down due to only fleeing 2d6 now. My scorpion and chariot won the combat against the Grail Knights which caused the Alter to head for the woods ( where he should have stayed in the first place!! ). This left Martin with most of his army fleeing and the outcome was no longer a question but a sad fact – he would lose and lose badly. So to get some more time for drinking he decided to concede and the first tournament game for my new army was over. A massacre it was and 11 points for the might of the Tomb Kings

More to follow.....

Game 2 – Krzysztof Szafranski – Chaos Mortals ( finished in 40th place )

After missing out on ETC due to work this summer I was happy to get pitched against my first polish opponent ever. This was his army ( as far as my memory serves me ).

Chaos Exalted Sorceror lvl 3 with 4 scrolls on a pony
2 Exalted Champs on tittybeasts, armed with flails
BSB with Mark of Khorne on a pony.
5 Chosen Knights of Slaanesh
4 Knights of Khorne
5 Knights of Khorne
3 Minos with Great Weapons
3 Dragon Ogres with Great Weapons
7 Furies
2*5 Warhounds
3-4 Screamers

My setup was pretty much the same as in the last game but mirrored. Krzysztof had hidden all of his knights behind a hill and his Dogres behind another hill. So my only viewable targets for the catapult were dogs, furies and his minos. He deployed one tittybeast by the knights and the other near the center. My swarms were deployed by my catapult to act as a screen for my catapult and liches in case his exalteds got to close. My two scorps were marked out in front of the hill hiding his knights and sorceror.

I got first turn and moved up just enough to take some shots at his dragonogres and dogs with my bowmen and chariots. My giant moved up a bit in the center to stall the advance of his center tittybeast and threaten his two warhound units with terror. My catapult missed it’s target ( the minos ) in both the shooting and magic phase. On his first turn he advanced his dragon ogres full speed ahead down my right flank and his knights shuffled forward a bit but not all the way as that would put one of his units on top of both my scorps. His furies took position infront of his minos near the center – something that would be a costly mistake as I had a chariot unit well within range of them. Krzysztof probably planned something nasty here but it sure went wrong.

On my second turn the chariots charged into the furies in front of his minos. The carrions took up position to block out his left tittybeast from charging the flank of my chariots if and when my chariots would overrun into his minos. One of my scorps rolled a 4+ to emerge but then misfired only to be placed right in front of his dragon ogres. I aligned it to stop the ogres from running into my chariots who couldnt back away enough to be safe from 9 St 7 attacks. I would have to sacrifice the 12 bowmen in his turn and then try to flank them instead on a later turn with chariots. My giant had gotten into chargerange to some warhounds and charged in only to see them flee and Enemy in the Way brought me into contact with his center tittybeast. The rest of my army pretty much held where they were. My catapult then misfired but would clear the jam in my shooting phase. Bowfire saw his other dogs run for the hills and I even put two wounds on his dogres.

The chariots cut through the furies like a high elf Dragonship through water and overran into his minos. This is when I realize that when blocking his tittybeast from charging them in his turn I had forgotten to block away his knights and now both his Chosen ones and his regiment of 4 Khorne Knights could charge in. The Khorne ones could only clip in with one model in the front but his chosen were in the flank. Ouch! – this might hurt alot. Meanwhile my giant fluffed all his attacks and didnt even scratch the exalted champion who flailed away and caused two wounds which caused another from CR.

On his second turn his chosen and bloodknights sure charged into my chariots and his dogres wanted a date with my scorpion. His dogs rallied. His magicphase was uneventful. The close combat was a disaster. With his knights he could only manage to put three wounds on my chariots and his mino one while impact hits and spears caused a massive 7 wounds on his minos. He was outnumbering and flanking me but this was not enough. Both knight units fled while the single mino stayed only to get slayed next turn. The dogres killed the scorpion but not before he put another wound on them. They overran into the bowmen who despite their soulless eyesockets looked a bit worried.

The rest of the game was pretty quick. While Krzysztof was busy regrouping I flew over my King to the chariots who killed the furies and minos and started sending the chariots against his khorneknights who had to flee. My catapult had ranged in against his BSB and killed it with a nice 36” shot. The last scorp emerged and assaulted his left tittybeast but it was slaughtered before doing any real harm. Dragon Ogres slaughtered the bowmen and overran off the board.

In the center a epic struggle took place between the giant and the exalted tittybeast. The battle lasted for 5 combats before my giant finally emerged victorious just to recieve a charge in the flank by the other tittybeast who stomped the dead crap out of it. My rightmost chariot unit decided that charging 3 dragonogres was a good idea – and it was. Impact hits and spears caused 5 wounds and brought down two of the lumbering dragonlings. The last one had a chance to strike back but failed to hit even once when hitting one 3+. My last chariot unit that had been kept in reserve in the center was now magicly charged into his Screamers who finally had came out to play ( they looked like they wanted to play with my catapult ) and then they had a nice straight way through his sorceror lord and heavely bruised knight units and it was game over for Krzysztof who really was unlucky when it was important to roll just average.

Game 3 – Troels Cederholm – Woodies ( finished 70th ).

So, after two straight up massacres on the rocks I was moved to the leadertable ( huzzah! ) and saw a Chaos Dwarf army on the table. I got very excited as I only faced the mutated shortlings once before and that was a long time ago and with myself playing Nurgle Legion. But it wasnt the army I was to face – it was a bit of a dissapointment but when Troels arrived to the table with a big smile on his face I felt that this might be a very nice game anyway. Troels list was something like this.

Alter Lord with Bow of Loren and Arcane Bodkins
Alter Noble with HoDA and Helm of the Hunt
Lvl 1 caddie
Lvl 1 branchwraith with Cluster of Radiants
3*8 Dryads
5 Wildriders
5 Glade Riders
10 Glade Guards
3 Treekin
5 Wardancers

Troels played Sabotage to delay one of my Scorps and I didnt play anything. Guess he wanted to save his Magic Flux for something more nasty.

I got a hill with a big chunk of impassable terrain in front ( about 12 inches in front ) and tought this was a good place to anchor my defences around. My setup was once again pretty much the same as last games. Troels hid most of his army behind hills and the big impassable terrain feature in front of my hill. His treeman was gutsy though and deployed right in front of my catapult. Most of his army had at least three turns of movement to reach me as the only forest was in the opposite corner from my hill and for some reason the woodie wanted to stay in the wood. Both my scorps were deployed on the hill which he hid behind and the swarms right on his glade guards.

I got first turn and moved up my chariots a bit and the giant went up a bit in the center. In my magicphase the catapult hit the treeman straight on the head and caused 4 wounds ( yey for flaming attacks ). Bowfire put a wound on his alter noble and killed a dryad.

Turn one Troels decided to power up his far away flank army with the treeman and advanced cautiously with the rest of his army. The wildriders and branchwraiths unit of dryads hid completely behind the big impassable feature. He shot his HoDA against my center chariotunit and put two wounds on them.

My second turn I charged my giant into his treeman with the help of magic. The right flank facing 90% of his army backed up a bit towards my hill to get within range of my liches later on. Then more magic happened. As the treeman was engaged I had no real nice targets for the catapult. Dryads are hard to kill and dont panic so I decided to take a shot at the Alter Lord. If I guesses poorly I could adjust my aim in the shooting phase. “36 and three quarters of an inch against your Alter Lord Troels” “sure”. The shot was right on his head. HIT. DEAD! SPLAT!

Troels didnt smile anymore.....

But the show went on. Turn 3-4 was just a wild chase where we both tried to get into good positions to end the game. The only action was my giant eventuelly felling the Treeman only to get engaged by 2 units of Dryads – but thanks to lucky armour saves on my part the Giant lasted the entire battle and came out on top in the final turn when a single chariot clipped into the dryads. So I wont mention this more.

The swarms arrived on turn 2 but were butchered over two turns and I had to launch my carrions into the flanks of them instead. On turn 4 Troels launched a flank assault on near my hill with the hiding dryads and wildriders. I drew back one of my chariot units and tried to magicly charge into the front of the riders. It was hard to see whether they were just in or just short of so we decided to roll a 4+ for it and in they went. They destroyed the Wild Riders and after three turns of combat also the dryads containing the branchwraith.

On the side were most of the troops were nothing much happened really. Troels couldnt outmanouver the nimble chariots but he always made sure that If I got stuck anywhere it would hurt me more than him. On my last turn I decided to go for the treekin and joined a scorpion with my Tomb King and charged them. They killed one of them but they held. The alter noble then charged my king and challenged. I accepted only to see the elf hit with 4 attacks and then wound with all of them and almost 400 points were given away. But because of the demise of his lord and a few units as well as me holding on to the 500 VP objective ( holding 2 marked out positions in his deployment ) I scored another massacre. Troels was a very nice guy and took it well. And he sure wont forget that TK catapults fire flaming shots again.

Game 4 – Basballe ( dont know real name – Henning something ) – Lizardmen ( finished 1st )

At this point I was getting very tired. Drinking until 4 in the morning and then sleeping on the floor was starting to take it’s toll. When my opponent arrived I could see in his eyes that he was in the same shape. But he also had something else in his eyes. The eagerness to win. While I had set a goal of coming into the top30 ( which I would achieve unless I screwed up badly – and I usually dont do that ) my opponent had the drive to come in first place. I was very relaxed and happy I was on the leadertable for my second game in a row – my opponent tense and nervous. This combination doesnt make for very nice games. Hence this part of the report wont be very detailed.

He had this army:
Slann – 5th generation
Skink priest
Jaguar Saurus with Sword of Might
2*4 Kroxes
3 sallies
1 stega
2 units of non scouting skinks
15 Saurii or so

Mission was that all units were halved in VPs except for three chosen units that were doubled instead. He picked my three chariotunits while I picked the kroxes and sallies.

In short my one of my chariot units were sacrificed to kill the kroxes and were then obliterated by the jaguar. Swarms and carrion took care of his sallies while his other krox unit fled into impassable terrain when my giant started whacking around skinks. This is where it started to flood profanity from my opponents mouth. *bleep* this, *bleep* that and I even think there was a *bleep* you. In the end I made one silly mistake which cost me the game as a chariot unit was smashed asunder by his slayer allies. The chariot unit had no business to be where it was and this made the game a draw. But I was still satisfied with this and then had a few beers. Beer is good.

Game 5 – Terje Boye – Skaven ( Finished in 12th place )

Terje was one of the very nice norweigans who we had been drinking with on Friday night but he seemed like he recovered. I was still at the leader table but was actually in 2nd or 3rd place right now. Terjes army was something like this:

2*25 clanrats
1*30 stormvermin with a warbanner
3*6 Nightrunners
2*6 Gutterrunners with tunneling
1 lone ratling gun
5 Jezzails
2 Engineers
1 BSB with banner of the swarm
2 warlocks - Eye of the Horned Rat, 2 scrolls and Stormdeamon.
1 Warlord with a GW and Warpstone armour
3 units of slaves
2 Swarms

I deployed all my chariot from the center and out to my right flank while my bowen, catapult and carrion took position on a hill. My giant joined here too as I suspected the Gutters would try to sneak up near my catapult so a would keep him here on turn 1 at least to introduce them to some terror when they arrived. My swarms were deployed under his jezzails, one of my scorpions some 10 inches in front of my bunker on the hill and the last one in front of his WLC. I will sum this game up as of what happened on the different sides of the table rather than turns as we did alot of dancing around each other.

On my right flank a chariot unit pushed it’s way through a regiment of clanrats and overran through his WLC. This caused some slaves to panic who then regroup only to get ridden down by the same chariot unit. The scorpion that was looking to kill the WLC instead butchered some nightrunners who were kept back there to secure the table quarter. His swarms engaged this chariot unit on in the flank after i ran down his slaves but the were then engaged by the scorpion and poofed.

In the center the gutterrunners started popping up from the ground. The first unit failed it’s fearcheck when attempting to get rid of my catapult and were then murdered by my small bowman unit. The second unit landed right on the bowmen who had moved over the marker and they had not much to say when discussing with 12 poisoned attacks. My general then left the secure warmth of the big bowman unit and engaged them. But it took 4 combat rounds before he got rid of them and even took a wound in the process. On the left side of the big impassable terrain peice mentioned in earlier reports a clanrats regiment pushed forward only to have a charge declared on them by the giant. A failed ld 9 test saw them leave the field and the giant looked awfully dissapointed.

But soon the giant got a new target. The Stormvermin had pushed through down the center together with the generals unit of clanrats. The scorpion showed up under the Storm Vermins and engaged them in the flank and I then declared a charge against their front with my centermost chariot unit. In the magicphase the giant was magicly trasnported to their other flank and I was certain this would spell doom for the Stormvermin containing the BSB. But with poor results from impact hits, a complete fluff by the scorpion and the giant only causing one wound in total I only won by one and the Stormvermin held thanks to a massive static CR from banner, outnumber with banner of the swarm, warbanner and the BSB himself. Next turn the giant was flanked by some slaves and I started to take some wound from static CR and my stupid king was locked with the gutterrunners so couldnt aid them. Then his warlords unit got into contact with the scorpion on the fourth round of combat and both the giant, remaining chariot and socrpion all went up in smoke.

This was a huge chunk of VPs lost but he was still far away to not make it into contact with my bowmenunit with the two liches in it before the game was to be over. Instead I focused my magic on the catapult now and launched a heap of rat craniums into the stormvermin. 8-9 of them got splattered but they held. I then repeated the process in the magicphase but they still held on ld 6. Terje attempted a charge against the bowmen on his last turn but was an inch short and this left me with some new interesting options. The clanrats with the general had ran down on my side but I doubted I could reach them. So instead I joined in the king with the bowmen and charged after the Stormvermin who after combat fled and were overrunned. The catapult took a last desperate shot at the generals unit but the shot scattered wide only to create a big cloud of smoke some 8 inched away. With quite substantial casualties on both sides it took us forever to count up the VPs ( Terje had like a billion units ) but in the end I had won by 600 points or something like that and secured a 8-3 win and I was pretty sure I would stay on the leadertable for my 4th consequtive game.

It was then time to vote for best sportsman. Terje wasnt far behind but in the end Martin got it like I said in the first part of the report.

Game 6 – Eivind Fjaervold – Chaos Mortals ( finished 2nd )

So it was time for the “final” and I was allowed to stay on the leadertable for my 4th game in a row. Eivind was 3 points ahead of me and there were several players just 1-2 points behind so to take a place in the top3 I needed a win of some sort. But as I know from last year ( when my only loss was against just Eivind ) I was pretty sure that would take alot of me and I didnt feel like I had the experience with this army to pull it off. But I wouldtry for sure. Eivinds army was something like this.

Lvl 4 Brayshaman with 2 powerstones, spell familiar and a scroll
Lvl 2 brayshaman with Staff of Darkoth and a scroll
Exalted champ on tittybeast with Rending Sword
2 hers with 10+10
2*5 doggies
6 Chosen of Slaanesh knights with Raptourous Standard
2 Chariots
7 Furies

I didnt want to ruin my streak so I deployed pretty much the same as I had done in most of my games. Catapult and all archers on a hill with a chariot unit on their right flank ( in front of that old big impassable terrain piece that I start grow tired of writing about ). Giant near the big bowman unit and the rest of my chariots to the left of my fortress. Carrion deployed between the two left charioteer units and one scorpion was deployed as normal near the rightmost chariotunit as I expected there would come some nasty Slaanesh knights this way ( and they did ).

This game will focus around the events in the middle and on the left. The right flank was a cat and mouse game between my chariots and his chariots and exalted ( who had a modelled Great Weapon on him, Eivind said it was a Flail but it was a Rending Sword – not sure how..... “strange” that is ). This so called “flail” was keeping my chariot at bay at least.

In the center we had the big impassable piece on my right and some difficult ground on the left. His herds were deployed in front of this so I walked up my giant a bit here to be able to stop his advance and maybe even spread some terror. The catapult didnt cause any significant damage and the rest of my shooting didnt cause any damage either. Both his herds rolled a 1 for unruly and happily steamed forward against my giant. His magic was uneventful for now ( he only frenzied his rightmost herd ) but I knew from last year he liked powerstones it could hurt alot later on even though I had played Magic Flux to get an additional scroll and -1 to cast for him ( this never helped me ). His knights moved at maximum speed down the right flank where my chariots and scorpion waited for him. I was pretty sure I couldnt stop them but I would at least try to stall them. His furies flew behind his knights and on the right flank he only advanced a bit which puzzled me a bit – why didnt the exalted with the “flail” advance more aggressivly against the chariots over on my left flank ?

On my second turn the tunneling scorpion appeared behind his knights and charged in together with the other scorpion and chariots. With some lucky KB results and nice impact hits maybe I could even hurt them. The giant charged in against the unfrenzied herd and Eivind held and passed the terror test. When I moved him in Eivind was reminded that they would only rank up 4 wide and he suddenly looked a bit worried. The catapult shot at the frenzied herd in lack of nicer targets, scattered onto the chariot between the herds but I rolled a 1 to wound.

The chariots and scorpions managed to kill two knights but after his return attacks I still lost by one and the chariots took another wound. One of the scorpions fell out of combat when he removed casualties.

In the center my giant smahed five of the goats to the ground and he fled with the giant in hot pursuit but he failed to catch them.

With the other herd containing the lvl 2 mage being frenzied he had to charge the giant in the flank. The parts of his army on the left flank started to back up a little in case the giant would keep on crushing goats as he probably didnt want the Hellcannon to face the giant without support. The giant smashed some more goats but didnt manage to chase them off. The chosen knights totally butchered my chariots which led the socrpion to go out in a big puff of smoke. But as I had one scorpion unengaged it would probably keep them in check for a while.

Turn 3 and things were looking better than expected despite the loss of chariots and scorpion. The giant looked like it needed some help and with some help of magic my centermost chariot unit launched an attack against their flank. The free scorpion attacked the flank of his knights and my smaller bowman unit faced his furies who on turn two had flown behind them to threatened my catapult. Bowfire eliminated three of the furies while the catapult now wanted a rematch against his center chariot. This time I targetted it and when the smoke cleared from the impact of a bussload of cows heads there was nothing but debris left of it.

In the center everything went according to plan. The beastherd had nothing to put up against 4 chariots and a giant and were butchered along with his lvl 2 mage. But between my scorpion and his knights nothing went as planned. I fluffed my attacks and the knight who could strike back hit and wounded with both his attacks and together with outnumbering and his banner the socrpion went up in smoke. This was bad news indeed as now he could charge the flank of my small bowman unit as well as the catapult with his furies. If the catapult died this would mean the knights had free entry to the flank of my big bowman unit.

Turn 3 and Eiving looked a bit happier about the situation. The exalted and hellcannon went after the giant ( who failed restraining himself which put him in a no good position ) and his remaining chariot wanted to play with my center chariots The chariot failed fearcheck and was stranded but the giant was engaged by both chargers. Not good. The knights charged into the flank of my bowmen and killed just enough to make them crumble away. The furies failed to kill all my crew so the knights overran into this combat.

The giant made a lucky series of saves and killed two of the crew on the hellcannon so it stayed in the fight with the exalted and hellcannon.

On turn four my center chariots decided to leg it as they only had the beastherd as a target and this wasnt very tempting as they would get the exalted and cannon in the flank if the giant got killed. My large bowman unit with the king turned to face his knights and charged in in the magciphase. The knights killed the remaining crewmember of the catapult but were then broken and the furies were sent back to the warp. In the center the giant fought back wildly and killed the last Chaos Dwarf and put a wound on the exalted and remained were he was with one wound left.

And that was basicly it. The giant died the turn after which then lead to the hellcannon charging the nearby herd but didnt cause any damage. The Slaanesh knights rallied only to get charged on my last turn by the bowmen but as they were just on the edge and I forgot to move my king in the movement phase the knights were still there at the end of the game but reduced to two models.

After counting up the VPs there was less than 100 poins between our results and a draw it was. I was a bit annoyed by the “flail” as I severly stopped my advance on the left flank but beside that I couldnt have done much to change the result I think and as Eivind is a very talented player I’d say the result was fair. Last year I thought he was just a clueless teen and underestimated him. This year I had learned my lesson which resulted in a very good game.

In the end I finished 6th which ,despite having been on the leadertable for 4 games, was very satisfying as I only aimed to get into the top30. The top positions were all very close and I was just 2 points shy of 2nd place. All in all it was a great tournament with mostly great games. Next year I will lower my ambitions as I hope to bring my pre-sundering High Elves.

See you all next year and thanks for reading.
"Gentleman, you can't fight here! This is the war room!"
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Postad 15 oktober 2006 - 19:09

1 BSB with banner of the swarm, Eye of the Horned Rat, 2 scrolls and Stormdeamon.
blink.gif Va? Gömmer det sig ett par warlocks i den raden också?

Kul rapport. thumb.gif

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Postad 16 oktober 2006 - 14:21

Whooops - fixat.
"Gentleman, you can't fight here! This is the war room!"
- Dr Strangelove

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Postad 16 oktober 2006 - 20:06

Du måste verkligen knäckt Troels om han sjönk från ledarbordet efter 2 matcher till placering 70 på slutet.

Riktigt fin rapportering, känns som du borde haft en del fördel av "hemmaterräng" sista tre slagen. tongue.gif

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Postad 16 oktober 2006 - 21:48

Jo - Troels hade nog haft lite tur på sin väg till ledarbordet. Han var ingen toppenspelare men framför allt var väl hans armé inte så bra - en alter lord är ingen höjdare med nya targetting reglerna =)

Tror Mag-El tvålade till honom också =)
"Gentleman, you can't fight here! This is the war room!"
- Dr Strangelove

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#6 eldrak


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Postad 16 oktober 2006 - 23:11

Tycker det där blivit lite överdrivet (tillsammans med nya miscastsen). En snabb titt på de armeer du mötte säger mig att om han mött liknande motstånd borde han oftast kunna hålla honom skyddad. Särskilt som han som WE har skogar att skydda sig med och en träman som suger upp en del tungt skytte.

#7 bjorn.nilsson


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Postad 17 oktober 2006 - 08:31

Ska han gömma sig hela slaget är han en rätt värdelös 300p investering. Och bågskyttar skjuter inte mot en träman med T6,3+,5+ save när man kan skjuta på en dyrare modell med T3 och 4+ save. WEs fick använda sing extraskog i 1/6 slag.
"Gentleman, you can't fight here! This is the war room!"
- Dr Strangelove

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Postad 17 oktober 2006 - 19:38

Tycker fortfarande att en Alter Noble är grymt mycket bättre. Min hade inga större problem på GF. Det ända problemet som jag hade var ett argument med en organgun. Men det bettyde iofs att han inte skjöt med den på dryader som faktiskt kunde göra nått vättigt i combat mot dvärgar.

/Johan R
"I'm a soldier of fortune, I'm a dog of war
And we don't give a damn who the killing is for
It's the same old story with a different name
Death or glory, it's the killing game"

#9 Christian


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Postad 17 oktober 2006 - 20:19

Jag spelade mot Troels, hans alterlord dog i första rundan av en fireball kombinerad med banehead, men det var nog mest för att han var lite girig, eller någonting sådant. Han har svårt att gömma sig och samtidigt vara effektiv.

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Postad 18 oktober 2006 - 09:32

QUOTE (eldrak @ Oct 17 2006, 00:11 )
Tycker det där blivit lite överdrivet (tillsammans med nya miscastsen). En snabb titt på de armeer du mötte säger mig att om han mött liknande motstånd borde han oftast kunna hålla honom skyddad. Särskilt som han som WE har skogar att skydda sig med och en träman som suger upp en del tungt skytte.

Stötte på Troels efter Björn (jag spelade LM Oldblood armé) och även utan magi är en Alter Lord alldeles för lätt att plocka ut, en Alter Noble har samma funktion, fast kostar mindre.
Ungefär som en Oldblood vs Scar Veteran smile.gif.

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Postad 18 oktober 2006 - 15:53

QUOTE (bjorn.nilsson @ Oct 16 2006, 22:48 )
Tror Mag-El tvålade till honom också =)

Mötte alldrig nån WE...men däremot så mötte jag Piotr(4:a) Vedel(16:e) och Kristian(15:e) och Michael (50+nått)

Och det är Piotr som jag hyser stort agg för mad.gif

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