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Tournaments In Finland

03 september 2019 - 07:19

Hello everyone!


My name is Herman and I was member of team Finland at this year's ETC. There has been discussions at least here in Finland, that it would be nice to take part in tournaments located in Sweden and also get you guys to play in some of the tournaments in Finland. We already have some players from Estonia and Russia, who come to play at least to the largest tournaments. Most of the events happen in Helsinki or Turku, so it's very easy to get there from Sweden. 


So I'm going to post tournament info to this topic and will update it when we know what is the next event. 


The next two events that I think could be interesting are happening in September (Aco Cup) and October (Turku Fanatic). 



Aco Cup 28-29.09.2019 (Kalasatama, Helsinki) https://www.sotavasa...p?f=11&t=120557 (in Finnish, but maybe someone understands it :)


4 games with special 4500p lists (3500 main list and two 1000 add on lists) and special scenarios.


Army composition: https://drive.google...iew?usp=sharing


Deployment and scenarios: https://drive.google...iew?usp=sharing


Tournament fee is 60€, which is higher than normally, but it includes buffet lunch for both days and the venue is great with sauna, terrace and lots of space to hang out (and probably spend the night also :D )  




Turku Fanatic 19-20.10.2019 (City center, Turku)


More traditional tournament, 5 games with 4500p lists. The date is not 100% sure yet, but most like it is. 

Tournament fee is around 25€, but I will post more info once everything is clear. 




It would nice to hear whether you are interested and if there are any questions, I'm more than glad to help you! Looking forward for seeing some of you in Finland!


-Herman Mäenalanen



p.s. My Swedish is bit rusty at the moment, but you can answer or ask in Swedish too, as I really would like to get better at it.