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Game Of Swords: Two Men Enter - One Man Stands - One Woman Leaves.

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#61 Puritan


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Postad 22 oktober 2014 - 22:17

Ok trodde seriöst inte att man skulle behöva lägga sig i denna diskussion.


1. Emil är admin här av ett skäl, skulle ni ogilla det ta diskussionen med mig.

2. Visst ni kan diskutera med admin men hans ord är lag här, ogillar ni det? Lev med det.

3. Det är mycket sant det Emil skriver att vi lever i en värld av nästan bara killar och skulle en tjej komma in på forumet av intresse skulle jag inte vilja att hon misstolkade det oavsett hur ärliga era intentioner var.


Jag hoppas denna tråd kan hålla sig till det den var ämnad för, hederlig svärdsfajt till döden.



En inte lika förstående Admin

Hampus Berg
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#62 Painblom


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Postad 27 oktober 2014 - 11:50

I havent slept for a week.. feel like a coward!

I tought this was a stupid fight! Since Kaj is awesome with the sword! But i failed my stupidity test. Thats what you for being a troll! I will have vomit atacks! And a real beerbelly!

If i win you will have too put on my shirt for the day! And feel a shame thst you are so tiny! And if i loose i will carry yours!! It will prolly break on my belly! But i will carry it until it fits!

Ill take 2 hand swird! The biggest there is!

Marcus Engblom

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#63 Herminard


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Postad 27 oktober 2014 - 13:55

Awesome Mackan!


Nicke has broken his short glaive - so will instead be using his enlarged glaive with a buckler in his fight against me. Should be a fun one.



#64 Herminard


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Postad 04 november 2014 - 17:28

I had the following DRAWS;


- Nicke (honorary win to him infact as I had 2 or 3 foul blows)


- Oscar Lagnelove (This lad gave me a foul _testblow_ while I had my guard down - killer instinct!)


- Cool Rasta Dude Whos Name Evaded Me Or Dissolved In Alcohol (perhaps we even had 2 draws. For some reason I dont recall... Draws were on simultaneous hits)


I would easily accept your admission if I were ever to build a Hird and go to war.


I have no recollection of how many wins I had or what the names are of everybody I battled.

I had prob something like 30+ wins. Much fun was had!


Small heads up for our local tournament in Bergen - Dark Stormy Knights. It will be the first tournament in Norway with SweComp (treshold 10 to keep it simple). We guarantee swordfights and a proper feast of goat meat!


Only 40 places so pop me a PM on here or mail me  -> hermundfuru@gmail dot com for registration. Swedes are allowed to win :D



#65 MoQ


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Postad 04 november 2014 - 19:49

Thanks! It was great fun to try some longer weapons than what I'm used to. We will need to have a rematch some day for sure! :D

Daniel Gustafsson is my name by the way ;)

Daniel Gustafsson - YLVA
Ogre Kingdoms, Empire, Warriors of Chaos & Vampire Counts

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