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I ämnet:lvl4 vs 2st lvl2or?

18 oktober 2005 - 01:41

Hey, hope it is ok that I type in English.

I really liked your summary, Joey_Boy! However, I am not sure I agree that those are the determining factors of what is the best choice...lvl 4 or 2 x lvl 2. For me it usually depends on other things. Here is what I decide on:

- VC: I need my general to stay alive, so I go for a count, and add necromancers to support him. No brainer, really.

- Lizardmen: The Slann is amazingly good. He gives a huge amount of bonuses to your army; BSB, ld9, +1 to cast and dispel, and he has great upgrades. In addition, he is point denial to the extreme. If I decide to go defensive on magic, I can do with 2 x lvl 1/2, but I would then need an army that works without getting any spells off.

- Slaanesh: I go for the lvl 4 here, as only half the spells in the Slaaneshi lore are good. Taking Mark of Slaanesh on a lvl 2 is so much of a gamble, that I personally think it is a waste.

- Wood Elves: I think the Lore of Athel Loren is pretty crappy, so I would take the lvl 4 any day. In some cases the Loren Lore is decent, but it is way too circumstantial. Ld is not a big issue for wood elves either.

- Empire: Here I really feel that I need the GM or EC to give my general ld9. Setting up characters for an Empire army is very, very difficult, and this is one of the easiest choices, IMHO.

- High Elves: I use a lvl 4 here, as giving him 5 spells really makes High Magic very strong. It also helps with the I@C issue.

I do however agree that the issues you speak of should be taken into consideration, however, they also need to be seen in context of the army. Sometimes, other factors will determine the outline of the character setup for you.


I ämnet:Position på Command groups

04 oktober 2005 - 23:56

QUOTE (Shino @ Sep 26 2005, 12:37 )
Vad jag vet så måste command group vara i mitten. Men man behöver inte ha standard bearern i mittan av command-gruppen.

Command group trenger kun være i front rank. Banner bearer MÅ være i midten.


I ämnet:Presentation

14 april 2005 - 21:07

Namn: Helge Aarvik

Bor: Oslo

Spelar: FB

Arméer: Slaanesh, Wood Elves, Lizardmen og Empire + Goblin under konstruksjon.

Förening: 2d6

Kännetecken: nOOb