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Bsk 2014 Pros And Cons

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#1 buffy


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Postad 03 november 2014 - 16:04

I will do this topic in english cus I am not sure if ppl from Norway are good at reading swedish.


Pros: Everyone that play exept Hemrinard that might get me kicked for my apparment. 50/50 chanse :)


Cons: Me :)


It´s hard to me to do a list but I hope it´s easier for you. And if it would be nice if you can do it about everything like the food and stuff not only warhammer.


I know the terrain was rly bad at some tabels. I did not get everything I thought I would and some other ppl hade to but it up cus I am not only in charge of warhammer at BSK.


My plan was to sit with ppl from warmachine/horde so they could help me with geopp and stuff but since the school at chage some classrooms that was not an option.


I hade to play 2 games and that did not help ofc but after that I could focus more on geopp and after Dennis help me it work ok even if I mange to screw it up :)


The guy from UK that would help me alot got ninja by he´s gf and hade to help her alot but he help me some and that was nice.


Next year I can get help from I local guy that just start to play warhammer so hopefully stuff will run better then.


This year we have been making alot of new tabels for warhammer/horde but for next year we will make alot of terrain so we can fix it before and not 10 mins before the games should start.


I hope eveyone will come back next year and I will speak with Chris and se if he can get some players from UK to.







David "Dangerous" D

#2 MoQ


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Postad 03 november 2014 - 17:54

Thanks for this year Dyne it was great fun as usual :D It was really nice to see so many teams and even though we only met swedish teams its nice to see all the norwegian teams as well. Hopefully next year will be even more foreign teams.

Also big plus for bare chested sword fighting. ;)

will definitely come next year again!

Daniel Gustafsson - YLVA
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#3 ObliviJohn


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Postad 03 november 2014 - 18:44

Pro: Every person i played got 4-5 on sportsmanship. Super nice people all over!


Edit: I know there was no sportsmanship ratings but still...

Vampire Counts

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#4 PeZa


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Postad 03 november 2014 - 19:25

Jag tar det på svenska.

+ Sveriges roligaste turnering!! Så mycket skratt och spännande ögonblick!
+ gott om tid!
+ 72bp med dvärgarna för egen del!

- att dyne håller i det själv, det vet vi alla att det inte är optimalt :)
- svettluktande klassrum
- 25min väntetid på en baguette, den han till och med bli torr...

Tack för iår! Kul med norrmän, dom verkar ju helt normala......... :)

Per Barkestam
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#5 Herminard


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Postad 03 november 2014 - 19:31

Mina ursekter för at jag med mitt j*vla engelska har gikk något intryck ur at eran svenska inte duger på eran eget forum. Det er bara at jag inte har koll als på hur man riter på svenska, och jag hater at uttrycka mej opresist.


Over to the much more important feedback!


- 10/10 to the sweet swedish chicks (and lads) that did the cafè!!! Handling the hunger of hoards of hungover hobbyists was heroic effort, doing so for _NO PAY_ at all is beyond the mind of a simpleton as myself. How some pale-fat beardnecks managed to raise their eyebrows over them running out of baguettes is just LD 2 stupidity at work. Try spending your breaks running down to ICA for ingredients for you baguettes - and fetching me my coke, gött och blandat and red bull that im missing since some `tardface had the foresight to bitch out the cafèchicks!




- Terrain was not horrid. Not at all. It was not always correct size, and some of it floated around a little. Could have been better, but did not limit me in any of my games - at all.  


Quickfix: Perhaps printing out the pics of what the table should look like and tape it to the table? Just to make sure important things like hills out of deploymentzone and quickly recognizing terrain?


Else us westcoast norsemen (clues; carrying swords - wearing serks) had a weekend that actually lived up to the standard we expected - and that we so sorely missed @SM that we seriously considered not going. @nders (also know as Der Vagnförare), Mackan, Fjugin, the Singing Twins, Nicke, Cool Rasta Hair Guy That Knows His Swordfighing And Understands Greet Is Only Respectable Way To Approach Fight, the Streetfighting Penguins, the Drunk Dirtyfighting Chippendale Chicks, Bunkmate Buffy and loads of other people showed us that söta bror has everyting it takes to throw a grand weekend.



Finally, Buffy - you got our points wrong. We got 221 points for 7th place. But we really really dont care. We came for the fun, the good games, for brotherhood cross boarders and for memories never to forget. 


We will be back, and we will bring brethren!







Darn! Per ninjaed my post. The insults on the baguette-whiners is very generic and not to you. Top sports on you and your team - next time your Dwarfs can have a dance with my army perhaps?




#6 Olannon



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Postad 04 november 2014 - 01:12


Amazing sportsmanship all over the place. I had 4 opponents I would easily rate as a 5, with a single being a 4.5. I made a mistake in one of my games that led to a tricky situation (vs Kalle from Alliansen), which I apologize for. 


Terrain and tables - I think this was spot on. The only thing I was missing was an overview per table of which ETC table it was supposed to be. At SM the terrain was truly random, with some tables being ridiculous beyond belief. This time it was a lot better. Plenty of space nearby on most of the tables/rooms was also a big plus. 


Amount of players and skill level - BSK gathered an amazing 24 teams. Couple this with a very hard field and we had 5 very interesting games against vastly different opponents and armies. A proper test of skills on many levels. I thoroughly enjoyed SM this year, but BSK was even better. I'm hoping I'll be able to go back for both next year. 


Time, food, information, organization of the whole event - With this many people and games being played in classrooms, there is bound to be an issue or two. Bearing that in mind, the entire weekend ran very smoothly. Sure, the information was sometimes late and sometimes hard to find, but it was always correct (for us at least) and with a little effort, we could easily find what we were looking for. Dyne also did his best to help us when we came to him with questions. 



Temperature and lack of ventilation. The classrooms quickly turned into proper nerd cages, unfortunately. Towards the end on Saturday, my head was getting really tired and the physical conditions unfortunately played a big part here. 


Separated gaming rooms. In itself, not necessarily a problem seeing as it reduces noise and increases the easiness of co-operating with your team, but having to change classrooms between _every single game_ took way more time than would've been needed. Surely a system can be made so that only half the teams (or less) have to switch rooms?


No rules judge. At SM, I probably bothered Dennis more than anyone else. The fact is, this is a complicated game with lots of stuff people don't always know. I had quite a few rules queries at BSK, some of them had to be solved by asking fellow players instead of a dedicated judge. 

#7 Herminard


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Postad 04 november 2014 - 17:04

+1 on Curu Olannon



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