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Vermin Swarm På Sm

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#1 Richard Becker

Richard Becker

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Postad 29 augusti 2016 - 12:08

Jag skrev denna för att lägga på T9A, så den är på engelska. Håll till godo.


So, the Swedish Masters anno 2016 is over. I took my Vermin Swarm to the tournament, and was bullied/pushed/convinced to play a rather nasty list. I took some inspiration from SkavenInAz and decided for a good mix of shooting and close combat. My list was as follows:


Plague Prophet General, Plague Flail, Plague Pendulum, Putrid Plate, Divine Icon, Lucky Charm

Magister Magic Level 4, Path of Shadows, Book of Arcane Power, Ring of Fire

Chief Light Armour, Battle Standard, The Lightning Rod

Apprentice Magister Magic Level 1, Path of Ruin, Dispel Scroll

30 Plague Brotherhood Full command, Plague Ridden, Banner of Discipline

2 x 25 Rats-at-Arms Full command

2 x 40 Slaves

13 Grenadiers

5 Gutter Blades Poisoned Attacks, Scout & Ambush

2 x 2 Rat Swarm

Naptha Thrower

2 x Meatgrinder

2 x Dreadmill

2 x 2 Thunder Hulks


The overall plan was to get the plague pendulum into whatever it could handle, and use the rest of army to support. Not a great plan, but at least I had a plan. I played a few games before the tournament as training, and I really liked the list and what it could do.


Game 1 vs Christian Wennberg (HbE sky sloops)

Christian is a very (very very) good player but I felt I had a small edge in the scenario (hold the ground). He played three characters in sky sloops, two fast cav, four small knight units and shooting/magic. I don’t remember if Christian dropped all or if we alternated, but he took first turn. The game went kind of as I planned. I ran towards the center of the board with all three scoring units, and he edged back shooting. Nothing really exiting happened in the game. I managed to kill of a knight unit, a fast cav unit and a bolter and killed more for me. Christian won the game 13-7 but I took the scenario, which evened it out to 10-10. I was more than happy with that against such a competent player.


Game 2 vs Johan Edlund (EoS prettystandargoodlist)

Johan is a good and very nice player, and by some chance, we are often paired against one another in tournaments. To be honest, I have no idea where Johan lives, what he does, where he is from, his age or anything, but I believe we have played against each other more times than I can remember, and each game is as fun as the previous one. Johan played with double cannons, steamtank, arcane engine, two big blocks of infantry, a small knight unit, four griffon knights, some support units and a lvl 4, a lvl 1, a preacher, a bsb and a captain, all on foot. Again I have no recollection of deployment, but I think either Johan dropped all or we alternated until he dropped all and went first. The scenario was breakthrough, which I thought could be hard for me with him having two units of scoring cavalry (electorial and griffon knights) but somewhere mid game everything went my way. The plague prophet was able to charge the griffon knight and then also take care of the Steamtank. The unit then turned around and did a 14” charge on the electorial knights that had sneaked past into my deployment zone. The 30 imperial guards were charged by the rats-at-arms with a meatgrinder, and when they failed to kill the grinder, all guards died in the next turn leaving the general alone to fend for himself. The other big block of infantry took a dreadmill to the back, promptly failed their steadfast check and was run down. To my surprise the game ended with a very solid 17-3, which was changed to 20-0 as I managed to secure the scenario.


Game 3 vs Johan Ribbenheim (Ogre Gutstar(tribestar))

I have played Johan a few times before and he is a very good played with ogres. He played, what I only can assume, a classic Ogre Gutstar with 14 tribesmen joined by a Great Khan, a BsB and a Shaman, a small scoring unit of 3 tribesmen, three units of 3 bombardiers, 8 mercenaries with poison and Bs5, a cannon and a catapult. The scenario was capture the flags and I didn’t really see any possibility to get either the star not the mercenaries, so the plan had to be to get the small unit and keep all my three intact. Johan got first turn and started by shooting at the pendulum, hit, wound, no ward save, 4 wounds. Ouch. He continued by shooting bombardiers at my rats-at-arms with lvl 4 and bsb and did 6 wounds. I rolled panic and rolled 11, rerolled with bsb and rolled 11 again, so they fled of the table. Untit a moment later that I realized they were 28 models, so he needs 7 wounds to force panic, so they magically got put back on the table again. Phew. Johan then elected to not push with his gutstar, which I counted by blessings on. He managed to kill one rats-at-arms unit while I managed to kill the banner of his small tribesman unit so it looked like no-one would be able to take the scenario unit my final turn. Johan had advanced with his gutstar and killed some chaf and left his flank to some slaves. I charged in and opened up fire on his unit with all I had. When the smoked cleared, only his champion remained (they had taken some casualties before from devouring darkness and other), which meant I had taken my second banner. The slaves also managed to win the combat by three and Johan rolled 9 on the breaktest. Luckily (for him), his BsB was in the unit and rerolled and rolled 6 so they held fast. After counting up the casualties I won by 12-8, which was changed to 15-5 as I killed his standard in the gutstar.


This left me with an (for me) impressive 45 pts after three games. The pendulum had only been used in one game so far.


Game 4.

I was paired against Johan Lagge Lagmo (Thicketstar) but he overslept so I was instead paired against the tournament organizer, who played a Feral orc list with a large blob of feral eadbashers, some feral orcs with bows, two mangler squigs, three chariots, some feral boar boys, a gargantual, a splatter, two bolt throwers, a lord, two wizards and a bsb (if I remember correctly). No offense to Tommy, but I much rather faced this than Lagges Thicketstar. However, as I got a “softer” opponent then intended, I could not win the game with more than 18-2 (but I could also not receive less than 2 pts). I dropped all and went first and slowly edged forward and popped the lightnig rod. Tommy pushed forward and took aim for the pendulum with his splatter. Hit. Wound. No ward save. Four wounds rolled. Damn again. In the middle,  I decided to test his frenzied feral eadbasher horde so I baited with swarms. He charged killed and overran 11” into my pendulum. Not good. I had however managaed to secure a nice counter charge with thunderhulks in his front as well as thunder hulks in his side and rats at arms with meatgrinder in the other flank. I thereby did 6d6 S4 impact hits and I rolled 29 hits. I did 15 wounds and he saved two on ward save. So 13 feral orcs dead before the pendulum unit even got to swing. I think It ended with me killing around 25 of the 30 models in the unit including his BsB (or if it was 35 of the 40, it was five left anyway) and I ran them down. I however did some bad positioning, which allowed him to charge the rats at-arms with a chariot (the grinder had died so my lvl 4 was at the front rank). He was able to kill my lvl 4 over two turns of combat. On the other flank, I had been able to slowly wetter down the gargantual with grenadiers, but he had killed some slaves, a dreadmill and the other rats-at-arms in the process. We played secure target and I had one secured and turned the pendulum towards the other where his feral archers stood in position to rush and claim. In his last turn, he failed his charge test to restrain from charging the pendulum, but rolled snake eyes and didn’t reach them. I won the game 15-5, which got changed into 18-2 as I took the scenario.


I now had 63 pts after four games, which placed me around 3rd or 4th position.


Game 5 vs Johannes Einemo (Thicketstar)

I very luckily dodged the Thicketstar in game four, but with some many Thicketstarlists present, it was only a matter of time before I had to play one, and in game my luck was up. Johannes is a very very very good player (and very very very nice). We tried to think back, but we couldn’t recall having faced one another before, so it was nice to face a new opponent. Johannes  played  a classic Thicketstar with 8 thicketbeasts with BsB and general, two fire wizards, two eagles, a lone shapeshifter character and the rest in shooting elves. We played capture the flags and I quickly realized there was no was whatsoever I would be able to win this, so I elected to give him some small units to hunt and kill and preserve the rest. We dropped a few units each and Johannes then dropped all. I took up position in one corner with all the scoring units and we were off. Johannes did as he pleased and shot at all my smaller units. I shadow miasmed his Thicketstar with lower movement to keep it from reaching my lines, and tried to thin down his shooting with my Thunder hulks and magic. In my turn two, I rolled an impressive 6-5 on the hulks rotary gun when shooting at a scoring archer unit. I killed enough for a panic and they failed and ran 11. The next turned, they failed to rally and promptly ran off the table. Hmmmm. Not what I had expected. Now Johannes was down a banner so he had to change his plan and push with his Thicketstar. I was however able to feed it chaf for his turn 5 and 6 so it never reached my lines. Johannes ended up killing more so we scored 12-8 in his favor, but this was changed to 11-9 to me due to that banner running of the board.


So I ended up with 74 pts after five games. This was a lot more than I expected, but I believe I played rather good. I was able to utilize my troops and I had some luck. There is no way of knowing what would have happened if Lagge had turned up in game four, but I most likely would not have gotten 18 pts. I could however had gotten a different matchup in game 5 and so and so.


On a side note, the guy that finished third (Morgan Andersson) is a friend and neighbor and we played two training games before the Swedish masters and I beat him both times, so I consider myself the true second runner up of this year’s Swedish Masters J

#2 Mikael.K


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Postad 29 augusti 2016 - 17:35

Kul med battle reports! :) Utan att ha kollat på reglerna till meatgrinders så låter de helt brutala :D Thicketstar med massa skytte och stekmagi låter hårt det också måste jag säga :) Grattis till bra placering!

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#3 Marrcus Oestling

Marrcus Oestling

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Postad 02 september 2016 - 11:21

Great read, tack för att du delade med dig.



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