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Postad 02 oktober 2005 - 18:57

Skriver denna på engelska så jag slipper skriva om om jag postar på TWF.

My list:

Slann, 4th Generation with Warbanner, Bane Head and extra spell
Skink priest - Cube of Darkness
Skink Priest

16 Saurii, full command
10 skinks, blowpipes
13 skinks, blopipes
10 skinks, scouting and javelins
1 swarm

2*4 Kroxigors
3+5 Terradons
3 Salamanders

Short Breakdown of Strategy Cards ( cards always affect both players )
Card Blance - no effect
High Winds - reduces flyer movement and shooting depending on amount of units
Boggy Ground - reduces cavalry and chariot moves
Magic Flux - reduces casting and gives opponent free dispel scrolls
Sabotage - delays multiples of same units and characters over 450 points
Communication Breakdown - reduces BSB and General effects to half range

Game 1 - Rene Dahl Andersen, Skavens. Scenario: Treasure Hunt ( reveal the most costly Magic Item and killing the one carrying it scores 250 VP )

I got plenty of time to study his army after we put em up on display for painting judgement but memory is vague. The army consisted of ( probably not 100% accurate ).

Grey Seer with regeneration and extra dice on 2+
2 Warlocks, one with Storm Deamon and the other with 2 scrolls.
Chieftain with unknown equipment

20ish clanrats with ratling
20ish more clanrats with a WFT
20ish Stormvermin with a Ratling
2*6 Jezzails
20 Plague Monks
8 Censer Bearers
2-3 units of nightrunners
4 Tunnelers

The magicphase looked pretty intimidating with him having 12 PD every turn including the Stormdeamon and never failing his 2+ to get a extra dice. But no slaves or swarms was good news for me.

I put up all my kroxigors in the centre to advance through a central lake. Salamanders also took a central role while the saurus hung out on my right center, skinks and terradons spread allover and the Slann hiding at the far back behind a hill to avoid all those Jezzails and Warplightnings. I had played my blank card and he played High Winds to hamper my Terradons and shooting.

Game is quite a blur but Life Magic was pretty ineffective due to poor rolls and not being within range most of the time. His center folded for the might of Kroxigors with rerolls and he blew up one ratling and his WLC on turn two and his WFT succumbed to poisonous javelins from 2 Terradons on my first turn. The swarm was sent to stall his advance on my left flank. After dispatching his jezzails my Slann moved out from cover to support the Kroxigors who were in deadly combat with the Censer Bearers by the lake. My other kroxigors who had torn through his center were now swinging back towards the battle while my Nike-lizard failed an attempt to snipe the Grey Seer. The assassination attempt was partially succesful though as the reduction to one wound kept the Seer from casting any more Warp Lightnings.

On his turn 4 my kroxigors broke the censerbearers and pursuited near his hidingunit for both his engineers and charged on my turn forcing them to flee. The other unit of kroxigors continued their trek towards the same flank and in the last turn of the game I made a 6 kroxigor assault on unit protecting the rallied Engineers granting me a good deal of VPs to secure a victory.

Game 2 - Eivind Fjærvoll - Mortal Chaos with beast. Scenario: Messengers

lvl 4 Slaanesh Beast shaman
lvl 2 Slaanesh Beast shaman
Exalted in unit of chosen Slaanesh Knights
20+ Strong Beastherd
20+ Strong Beastherd
6-7 Furies
2*5 hounds
6 hounds
5 Mounted Deamonettes
2 chariots

Quite tired due to lack of sleep and the superiority of danish snoring and a poor breakfast I was in for a hellish game. I was probably too expressive about my certainty in him playing High Winds so when I did the same he had played Magic Flux so both my shooting, flying and magic was severly hampered.

My first turn reduced his herd containing the shamans to 12 with Salamander Fire ( you only start 18 inch apart in this scenario and he thought the range of sallies was 12. Magic was uneventful as everything failed to be cast or to wound when I got a spell off. He advanced pretty aggresively on my right flank where I had Kroxigors and Nike lizard. He put his chosens within chargereach and I decided to charge in. I was pretty sure he had the Slaanesh banner that recuded WS to half but with the Slann nearby I felt comfident that even if I lost I should have a good chance of holding. I lost by 7. The hero was slaughtered in combat and the kroxigors were run down. So with a reduced magiphase and shootingphase and now severly kicked in the nuts in the closecombat phase I knew I was in trouble.

Trouble was then aggrevated by very poor rolls in both the shooting and magicphase and the other Kroxigors getting locked in combat with the Hellcannon. And to make it worse I started to let my frustration take over and lost my 5 Terradons to a newbie mistake which allowed him to make a combinded charge with herd and hounds. The mistake made the gods of probability angry and his deamonettes survived Salamander shooting along with 50 poison darts with only a single casualty.

But all was not lost I thought as my saurus were still there to start to make way through his center. But then I for a short moment forgot about the scenario and switchted them to face the chosen knights which left me with nothing to make a hole in his 16 strong unit of hounds who created a 32 inch congaling along his deployment zone to prevent my messengers from escaping.

And then his 4 powerstone came into play. I now realised I was doomed. The kroxigors had finished the Hellcannon but I was reduced to single kroxigor. The salamanders were surrounded by my own skinks to prevent them from chasing down illusions of pretty salamander girls. The charmed deamonettes starting chasing after one of my priests reducing my magic even further. 13 skinks managed to beat his furies in close combat and I thought that if I just can keep my Slann and saurii alive along with the remaining skinks, which was also in a position to prevent his messengers from escaping, I might pull of a draw.

But it was to no avail. A Irresistable Force "You can't do jack" on my saurus containing the Slann followed by a charge by the remaining 4 chosens and exalted saw me lose combat by 4 and leadership 9 on three dice and reroll from BSB was to no avail. The rest was just a mopup on his part and I was left with 3 terradons and a unit of skinks.

So 4 unexpected powerstones in the hands of a very competent player, poor luck, some rookie mistakes and poorly played Strategy Cards resulted in a devastating defeat.

Game 3 - Anders Westh - Skavens. Scenario: Kill em All ( double VP for destroyed and fleeing units. )

Anders had a very nicely painted, big and converted force containing:

2 Engineers
1 Plaguepriest
3*20-25 Clanrats with 2 Ratlings
25 Stormvermin with another Ratling
20 Plaguemonks with 5-6 Censer Bearers
3 Slave units
10 Jezzails
5+7 Nightrunners
3 Ratpacks
1 Ratpack
3 swarms
4 Tunnelers

With so little VPs needed to win I deployed most of my force in and around a decently sized wood/rock feature on my right side with the Slann hiding behind a rock to avoid that WLC. Anders played High Winds and I played Communication Breakdown. First turn saw most of the skaven army advance, tightly packed, against my bunker of slimy death. I felt confident that my kroxigors and saurus would hold up against his advancing horde while I could pepper him with magic and missiles but his first shootingphase left me with a big hole in my center. His jezzails opened fire on my kroxigors and killed one. No problem, they are within the Slanns ld of 9. A bunch of 5's saw the kroxigors head for the hills on a fleeroll of 6,6 leaving the game before I even got to move them. This called for quick fixes and my saurus who were held in the center of my deployement to repell clanrats quickly moved into the kroxigors former position beside the Slann while my Kroxigors on the other side of the woods ( on my far right ) advanced to threaten any units rushing down on my saurus position.

The game then went on with Anders moving his plaguemonks up against the Saurii ( which contained the Scar-Veteran ) after I lured away the censerbearers. I was still confident I could repell them with the Slann positioned to give them ld9 with a reroll and make a flankattack if they stayed in combat. It seemed like a easy way to get 300+ VPs that would then double up. But then his tunnelers showed up and charged my Slann in the back. No problem, my Slann took a wound but returned one and with outnumbering, banner and Warbanner I broke the measly ratmen. But in the excitement of killing something in close combat the big fat frog decided it really wanted to chase them down as well after failing another ld ship to restrain on a triple of 5's. I now know that a Slann really do taste like chicken.

The plaguemonks charged in and won but I held and my Slann was safe from being thrown in a garbagebin for now. He returned to the saurii to lend leadership and rerolls but ended up about a tenth of an inch short and after the 6 plaguemonks in combat felled 4 saurii they broke and were cut down. So from gaining a easy 300+ VPs I had lost 350 VPs. Things looked bad.

But the game was far from over. I had weared out Anders scrolls and rolls got better and two of his ratlings were zapped while my scouting skinks finally reached his WLC and chased it off the table. My kroxigors had also forced his Stormvermin to turn away from my "bunker" and were not looking angrily at each other. Anders had also cleverly cut of my terradons view to his slaveunit containing one of his engineers with the Stormvermin. The game was in a stalemate with both our shooting phases heavely reduced and neither side finding any good places to charge in at. So it had to be decided by magic.

His turn 4 was pretty uneventful beside a warpligntningblast with Irresistable Force killing most of my kroxigors, leaving the last one with one wound. This did however open up for a charge by kroxigors and terradons against his slaves with the engineer who fled. On my turn 4 I unleashed a comet near his jezzails and last ratling gun. It didnt come down and the die was flipped over to a "2". He moved away from it and thus forfeiting much of his last shooting to save them. On my next turn the comet struck in full force with a roll a 6. The jezzails were panicked, the ratling annihilated, the slaves reduced in numbers and his Stormvermin took a few casualties as well.

The slaves didnt rally which granted me the VPs of them and the engineer. But we both were sure it was still a draw. But I had that last turn. I didnt have very many good targets and I just had to try to scrape together whatever I could. My terradons mowed down 7 nightrunners for 35 points. Master of Wood panicked 90 points worth of giant rats and my remaining salamander panicked some slaves for 40 points. We then started toting up the points and by a slim margin of 130 points over the required 650 I had secured another win. I thank lady luck for that 6 on the comet. Any other result would have resulted in a draw.
"Gentleman, you can't fight here! This is the war room!"
- Dr Strangelove

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Postad 02 oktober 2005 - 20:58

Game 4 - Max Nilsson - Brettonia. Scenario: Get the Territories ( huge points for different TQs with nothing else counting )

Max is a young player from my hometome but we never played before. His army consisted of.

Lord - Questing
3 lvl 2 mages
8 Errant
6 Realm Knights
8 Realm Knights
8 Questing Knights
2*10 Bowmen
10 Skirmish Bowmen
2*5 Squires
2*16 M@A

I played Sabotage which resulted in a unit of Squires and 2 of his mages to be in reserve which gave me magic superiority. He played High Winds.

I got first turn and moved some skinks to hide in a forest near his homebase tablequarter to secure the 750 VPs this give at the end of the game. Master of Stone panics his small Realm unit of the table. My saurus move up right behind a hill to force him to get up on it to see me so I could further assault him with Master of Stone
and then tie him up with my swarm placed beside the Saurus. My center contained both my kroxigor units positioned so that if he charged one they could flee and the other could charge with the Slann coming in from the flank as it hid behind a small forest just beside the kroxigors. This put much of his offense in a poor position being threatened from several directions. But I couldnt advance much either so had to rely on wearing his lances down with magic and salamander fire which probably would take too long and I would risk a draw.

After he got his mages in he could start his offense with his big realmunit moving onto the hill with support from Squires which I failed to hurt with blowpipes. He stepped up on the hill and the swarm moved up to block him from charging my saurii and so that if he overran I could flank him with my big unit of terradons. But Max didnt want to risk failing the annihilate the swarm so charged my saurus with a unit of Men at Arms. The M@A held the saurus in check while the Realm knights and Squires annihilated my Swarm and both overran into my saurus. But the M@A holding the saurus had exposed their rear to my 5 Terradons so they charged in and Max lost the battle but held. But now his momentum was up and the squires and M@A were both annihilated. The saurus held here for a few turns until his BSB finally figured out how to kill lizards and ran them down ending up in my own homebase contesting it for 375 VPs

On the other flank my salamanders had worn down the Errants a little and the Nike lizard had dispacted the trebuchet and bowmen while the big unit of Terradons killed one of his bowmen units and panicing the other of the board. I was now in command of his homebase. The game now had to be settled in the center. Howler Wind and a failed dispel roll in his phase resultet in the kroxigors being able to charge into his generals unit. They didnt perform very well but kept his Knights from claiming or contesting any more TQ which led to a 3rd win for the slimy lizards from Sweden.

Game 5 - Steen Nordvang - Brettonia. Scenarion: Monster Eggs ( 3 objectives worth 2*400 and one 800 VPs )

When I saw the table and opposition I knew this would be bad. There was hardly any terrain to hide in or use Life Magic from. But then the objectives came to the rescue as these were impassable objects about the size of a small blast templats. Two of these ended up near a pyramid on my right flank which gave me a few small areas to launch attacks from as the lances would have to move perfectly straight through them. Then I realised that playing Boggy Ground would reduce Steens movement by one from start as he had 7 boggy units. Here is his list.

Lord with Realm Knights
Questing Hero
2 Damsels
2 Errant units of 6
2 Realm Units of 6
2 Questing Units of 6
5 Pegasus Knights
16 M@A
10 skirmish bowmen

The reduction in movement was crucial as I could deploy 4 inches back from my frontline which meant that when he reached my line he would be down to movement 6 ( Boggy Ground for 6-7 units gives all such units -1 to movement from start and a further -1 from turn 3 and onwards ). He played Magic Flux on me.

My first turn did nothing but block marching from a Realm unit. His turn was all about getting closer and his Pegasus Knights got so close I could make a combined charge with my Nikelizard and 5 Terradons. But sunday morning mood made me declare them in the wrong order so all his pegasus could hit my Terradons instead of having to line up to the Nikelizard and then only get one Pegasus on the Terradons and giving me a flankbonus. This resultet in me losing by one and despite the Slanns presence the Scar-Veteran fled ( 6,6,6 reroll to 6,6,5 - Yatzy! ) and was then charged in his turn and mowed down.

On his turn 3 he got a charge against my big unit of terradons but they fled a perfect 8 landing behind my kroxigors, which was deployed on the far right to cover that entrance to the pyramid area where I had fortified myself. He was too far away to redirect but close enough to get charged by them and was forced to flee. And then things gut ugly for poor Steen. As we were now down to the same movement and I had more shooting and magic he had to seize the initiative. And as he had plenty of lances he could just move close, let me charge one and then countercharge with another. But that doesnt work very well when you fail every single panic test from proximity to fleeing troops. So in a flurry of poor leadership role the game had gone from tense and in-the-air to mopup time for the lizards. Skinks ran down fleeing knights who now only fled 2d6. Magic ultimately eradicated the pegasus riders. Salamanders and Terradons shot and charged the peasants.

To add salt to the bleeding wound of the Bretonian honor his remaining Questing knights charged into kroxigors on the very last turn only to see them get killed to a man leaving him with 5 M@A, 3 realm knights and me in possession of all objectives.

At this point I felt very satisfied as I probably reached my goal of ending up in the top20. I had had 5 great games and had trouble deciding on my Sportsman vote ( which finally fell on Steen for keeping his mood up while getting brutally dicetrashed ).But there was maybe even a chance to get into the top10 or 5 if I was lucky. So on it went to the last game.

Game 6 - Simon Möller - Vampire Counts. Scenario: Assassinate ( nominate one unit or character that will give double VPs ).

Simon had just lost to Morgan Andersson ( who won the whole tournament ) on the leadertable and was probably very eager to spank some swedish butt. His list was a nightmare to look at.

Blood Dragon lord on a Zombiedragon
Necromancer, lvl 2 with periapt and Book of Arkhan ( I think )

15 Black Knights
10 Black Knights
3*5 Wolves
3*6 Ghouls
10 Zombies
Black Coach

3 units that would autobreak anything they got into contact with. Thankfully I had taken back my Sabotage card ( a bonus from entering into the painting competition ) so Simon started the game without his lord ( entering on turn 2 ) and his smaller BK unit ( also turn 2 ). Simon wanted first turn so I got to chose side and chose the side where I had central lake to use Mistress of the Marsh on and a forest where I could run for cover if the dragon came to close to my Slann ( with assassinate worth 1100 VP on his own ).

The game was pretty onedimensional. I was able to stop his big unit from getting anywhere fast with Mistress every turn as his dispelpool went into stopping Howler Wind so he could reach my Slann. His black coach was turned into dust by my Nikelizard and his attempts to catch my Slann failed after I made a good roll on fleeing into the forest with my Slann trapping his Dragon inside. Simon could easely have gotten a draw by taking out my Kroxigors instead with no intention of playing it safe he spent all his focus on the Slann and failed to catch him. In the end I had danced all around him with terradons, skinks and salamanders eliminating all his ghouls, wolves and the coach and secured a tablequarter. In the second turn of the game he had also summoned a zombieunit worht 66 VPs to threaten my Slann but as this unit was anniliated by salamander fire and I only lost my swarm to stop a charge by knights on my kroxigors the game ended with the not to impressive scores of 760-60. Just barely a win by a 50 point margin thanks to his summoned zombies and my endrecord being 5 wins and one loss.

With this I was pretty sure I was near the top 5 but with perfect score in the quiz and for painting I managed to claim 3rd place, 2 points behind Asger. My team, We Eat Danish for Breakfast, ended up in second place which we were very happy with.

Overall a nice tournament with some stiff competition and nice opponents. The scoreboard was excellent and the schedule perfect. The cafeteria left me a bit dissapointed, especially as the 7/11 right across the street was less expensive. The hall was great and the central location in the middle of Copenhagen made for alot of options on what to eat and drink.
"Gentleman, you can't fight here! This is the war room!"
- Dr Strangelove

För närvarande på besök i 40K-träsket. Eldars: 1000+/4000p avklarat.

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Postad 03 oktober 2005 - 15:17

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