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27 augusti 2015 - 14:21

Jag får dessvärre avanmäla mig.

I ämnet:High Elves

24 juli 2015 - 09:07

Would it be totally out of question to allow skycutters to march with their fly move?

Could sisters of avelorn be allowed to take a musician and a standard bearer?

Could characters on steeds without barding get the fastcav rule if they join reavers (just like all other elves)?

Allowing the shadow warriors an additional hand weapon (just like shades and waywatchers) would make them more interesting as a unit.

I ämnet:Listgenomgång Samt Placering Warcon

24 juli 2015 - 08:17

Här kommer mitt tips på topp-3:

1. Björn Ericson: försvarar titeln från förra året med sina snuskiga demoner.

2. David Dynefors: brukar väl gå bra på warcon och har tydligen detaljstuderat motståndet ;).

3. Johannes Einemo: har varit inne i ett bra flow sedan lincon och verkar ha lyckats bryta kompmallen rätt hårt. Tror dock han kommer åka på 1-2 dåliga matchups (typ Tooke...) vilket gör att det inte räcker riktigt ända fram.

I ämnet:The Ninth Age

24 juli 2015 - 08:04

Dark Elf pegasus will be as rare as HE mounted Great Eagles - nowhere to be seen.
I might be biased, but this is the first thing I don't like - at all.

This change is under debate, might change in a few days, stay tuned.
I don't really like this change either, and I don't even play Dark elves. One thing I was considering if all elves can buy a generic cloak for 15-ish points? Sea dragon for dark elves, Lion cloak for high elves and mantle of thorns for wood elves, each granting a 1+ bonus to armor save. That way the dreaded dark elves have to pay for an enchanted shield or dragonhelm to get their 1+ save while flying or fast cavalrying, thus cutting back a bit on the insane dradlord builds (having to choose between 1+ or OTS for example when building the silly s7 fast cav dreadlord). And the high elves get some more use out of their flyers, and are granted a 1+ save as base with a barded steed on their characters (not unresonable). The wood elves also get a nice addition to their melee combat lords, which might go a tiny way to making them actually usefull, but not going so far as to grant them a full fledged 1+ save (which does not belong in a wood elf book). 
Just a thought I had.


Sounds like a reasonable compromise.

DE pegs will still have an advantage over their cousins by having a ground movement of 8" while great eagles only have 2". Thus they aren't as flexible in joining units and suffer much more from spells and items that temporarily prevent flying.

I ämnet:Mundane-Listor!

16 juli 2015 - 19:12

...skulle vi inte få bort dig från påtända alver?

Jag kan faktiskt sluta när jag vill... När jag vill!!