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Trades In Tag Team

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Postad 03 mars 2018 - 10:57



I do realise that this would fit in Marknaden-part of the forum, but as these trades are exclusive to the Tag Team event I hope its ok to post this here. Sorry for any inconvenience, for Im just a simple finnjävel..


So I´ll be coming to wage war to Västerås Tag Team event next weekend over the gulf. It came to my mind that I might be able to make some nice trades for you and me at same time, with items that I haven’t been able to found here in Finland. I´m mainly interested in trading models I don´t need for models I do,  and not money. I list what I have and what Im looking for, although you can suggest other models too. Im collecting almost all fantasy armies, but normally with some themic twist.


Contact me: luolapeikko at hotmail dot com or Luolan Peikko at FB

Ask to clarify and lets make sweet deals!


Firstly couple of bigger ensembles (can be traded separately also, although maybe in bigger segments):


Army of forest elves:

Lord (lance & riding, 5th edition, in paint, can inc. horse)

Mage (riding, 6th edition, in paint, can inc. horse)

Mage (levitating lady, resin)

Wardancer hero (5th edition, primed)


45 archers (mostly 5th edition one poser plastics, about 10 older one posers, in paint)

11 Glade riders (new, plastic, 10 in paint)

10 Glade riders w/o horses (plastic, in paint)

9 Glade riders (old, 5th edition, over half in paint, almost all horses w/o tail, inc. standard & musician)

12 Dryads (plastic, in paint)


13 wardancers (6 old 3-4th edition models in paint, 7 6-7th edition ones primed and patched for missing parts)

11 Waywatchers (5th edition, painted or primed)

Treeman (new, plastic, in chosen form – Ill keep the bits ^^)


Patrol of more sinister elves:

- about  10 randomly drafted lizard riding knights: the steeds are from lizardmen and the knights mainly 5th edition metal, but also fresher metal and plastic

- 5 dark riders – mainly 5th edition metal, but some gamezone resins as well

- half a ballista – newest metal machine w/o arch of the ballista and one loader, altough I can easily provide plastic parts

- random plastic troopers and parts


Then random thingies for trade:

- Melchior, vampire necrarch lord, on winged nightmare: http://www.sodemons..../melkhiorix.htm

- Engrimm van Horstmann on two headed  Chaos Dragonilla

- Marksman of Miragliano: command and 3 troopers

- 4th ed. citadel mummy - http://www.solegends...1993p561-00.htm

=> 6, mace changed to dagger

-old Helwud with steed 1987 http://www.solegends...c13cjheroes.htm

-old thief 1985 http://www.solegends...talisman-01.htm

- Mounted Chaos Lord 6th ed., metal horse w/o head http://www.solegends...2000p248-01.htm

- Beastman Shaman (nro. 2): http://www.solegends...9956p280-01.htm

- 20 plastic beastmen, inc. 5 old one pose wonders with halberds (in paint)

- 8 Chaos warhounds (plastic, in paint)

-30 random gnoblars

- 5-9 Savage orcs on boars - 4 fresh plastics (in paint) ja 5 older metallics (primed and patched missing parts), all with traditional plastic pig

- assorted orc & goblin parts

- 1 ellyrian reaver musician (5th edition, metallic)

- Some old BB players: 2 ed. human blocker (used as Zug), couple 2 ed. undeads (zombie and armless skeleton)  and fresher 3 ed. undeads (a skeleton, a zombie and couple of ghouls)

- about ten Krynn draconians w/o wings

- Unscathed 1/72 Soviet army regiment for WWII: lots of plastic infantry, Katjusha rocketlauncher and metallic leader figurines (inc. bomber dog!)

- Old (I think 5th edition) Warhammer Mgic box – should include all the separated bits and pieces

- 2x BfSP-slayers

- Dwarven warmachine – crew from BfSP and improvised cannon/organ gun from mantic parts

- 9 old metal dwarfs from the 80´s (rangers, warmachine crew, themed warriors (highlander, arab, knight)

- Bob Olleyn Alternative Armies Crusadereita: http://collecting-mi...ernative_Armies Crusader marines 5,6,9

- DE Talos Pain Engine



And lastly what I´m looking for:


- Forgeworld Great Knarloc / knarloc riders

- Fenrisian wolves

- DE Scourges feathered wings – 2 pairs


- old beastmen (http://www.solegends...1989p016-00.htm -> 02, 03, 07, 10, 11, 12, 15, 23)

- old Beast of Nurgle (mallia http://www.bogleech....-beastmodel.jpg)

- Khorne skullcrushers lances and maybe other weapons too

- Tzaangors / Kairic acolytes Arcanite shields and maybe other bits too

- From old chaos warriors and champions:

http://www.solegends...1988p019-00.htm -  10, 14


From CH3: Khane the Mighty
Champions -88: 06, 11, 18 - (Have 01 for trade)
Champions -89: 02, 07, 08, 11 - (Have 01 and 14 w/o left hand)

 -91 Tzeentch champions: Pink horror head, Moon Head- (Have sword and flamer arm)

(Have also one warrior from marauder and one old Chaos (foot) knight with separate halberd arm for trade)

- some old chaos dwarves (http://www.chaos-dwa...and_3rd_edition):

Series D3: Axe 8, 11, Hammer 1, Mace 3, Sword 3
Series C16: Mace 2, 7, Spear (Have Jabbertooth Eyesplinter for trade)
Series Renegades: Sword 7, Mace 12, 13
Swivel gun gunner
And series MM90: MM90/4a, MM90/6a, MM90/6d (Have 1d)

- Plastic dark riders or bits => mostly horses, heads and weapons

- New plastic Dreadspears spears

- Plastic Black guard / Executioners weapons and heads

- Bloodwrack Medusa

- Kharibdyss / hydra bits

- Alternate bladed tail from older metallic / resin hydra

- couple of Wildrider / Sisters of the Thorn reindeers

- 1-2 spite-revenants and maybe other bits from the box too

- Shields, spears and heads from Eternal guard – 3 at least

- Dragon princes heads, and potential shields and lances

- Terradon heads and legs, and rider parts

-Mordheimin witch hunter (https://mlpg.co/arc/...40129492786.jpg - the one on the right)



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