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I ämnet:Valorous Volonteers

26 maj 2010 - 15:38

Jeg vil tro man må tage en packmaster/moulder.

Men må jo upgradere de units med command etc. free-of-charge


I ämnet:Resultat 2009 Sydcon

04 augusti 2009 - 19:42

QUOTE (akbar @ Aug 4 2009, 05:18 ) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Bra jobbat David.

Om våra Orcher någonsin möts på Sydcon imploderar Universum.

Hurry up and register for GF both of You. The rules really favours ORCS!

I was working on TK when I saw the rules and had to change my plans wub.gif


I ämnet:Tack!

03 augusti 2009 - 13:01

I'll take this in english, so that everybody have a chance to understand me.

First of all thanks a lot from all the danes to the organisers, both in regard to SydCon in general, but especially to the people involved in the WFB tournament.
Everybody allways goes the extra mile to help us, from the point I send the registrations until we leave for Denmark.

I really appreciate all the help and kindnes You repeatedly show us - Thanks.

Then I'd like to congratulate all the winners.
Especially to Kryddan taking home both best painted army and best sportsman. I gave Your army a 3 and You a 5 in sports, so the prices were wellplaced.
It was a pleasure seing Your army across the table and a really enjoyable match.

Then I'd like to thank all my oppoents for great matches my average score given for sports was 4! A single 5 for Kryddan and a 3 that I later regretted and wished i'd given a 4 too. Actually I was tempted to hand out 5 in all the games wub.gif

I have to apologise to my opponents on sunday, I was really tired and when Gork and Mork went against me again, I'm sure it shoved on my face. If I looked angry at any point during any of my matches, it was truly only myself or the dice that I was angry at.

This SydCon turned out to be one of my greatest tournaments ever thumb.gif I had lots of fun trying to control the green horde and failed miserably. I didn't dare look that the final score, but I know that this was my poorest placement ever at a tournament.

I promised someone that I'd bring a new army next year, I'd have to take that back blush.gif I really enjoy playing with the orcs. But I'll promise only to bring them next year, if I have something new and spectacular to show. Like a wyvern, giant or something even better.

So we'll be back next year, probably all of us.

Hope to see some of You at GF, but hurry up and register, there's ony 26 spots left in wfb.


I ämnet:Info Om Sydcons Whfb Turnering2009

31 juli 2009 - 10:27

Er der en vi kan ringe til hvis vi farer vild eller bliver forsinket?

Alle danskerne mødes og tager toget sammen...


I ämnet:Anmälda Sydcon 2009

28 juli 2009 - 16:20

Nikolai Bagge melder fra.