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Nya Skaven, Vad Händer?

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Postad 13 juli 2009 - 14:13

Följer Warseer men upplever mer och mer nu det som Rickard Becker redan påpekat, vi får nog inte se dem nu i Augusti, jag börjar tom fundera på om nya skaven kommer se dagens ljus på denna sida av årsskiftet.

Men men är det NÅN som har NÅN bild eller något på tänkbara nya modeller annat än de osannolika bilderna som visats på stora monster?

Hampus Berg
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Postad 13 juli 2009 - 15:27

Doomwheel! thumb.gif
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Postad 14 juli 2009 - 10:39

Har väl mer börjat låta som om oktober är mer realistiskt.

Vissa snackar om att det blir nya clanrats (rätt lika föraren i corpse cart) medan andra påstår att det blir samma gamla råtor som förut, vilket låter urtrist men inte hlet omöjligt. Prio verkar ju mer ligga i att så många units som möjligt ska ha plastic kits än att uppdatera gamla plast kits.

Hoppas på oktober, men mängden rykten och bilder kring fantasy har ju minskat avsevärt. Förut visste man det mesta som var på G långt innan det nådde white dwarf och butikerna.

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Postad 14 juli 2009 - 13:24

Men något ska ju hända på Games day UK. Visst surr om ett hemligt boardgame (nysläpp av Space Hulk eller liknande) men det låter rätt futtigt. Sedan lite surr om något helt nytt. Väldigt lite konkret bortom att Skaven kommer senare än vi trott. huh.gif

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Postad 14 juli 2009 - 14:59

QUOTE (Scactha @ Jul 14 2009, 14:24 ) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Sedan lite surr om något helt nytt.

Fishmen! thumb.gif
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Postad 18 juli 2009 - 23:20

Lär absolut inte komma innan November iaf, Space Wolves släppts i Oktober.

#7 Kane


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Postad 19 juli 2009 - 01:12

jag misstänker att det blir lagom till Julhandeln skaven dyker upp. Bra marknadsstrategi smile.gif

#8 AlFiKa


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Postad 26 augusti 2009 - 16:36

Uppe på GW:s hemsida nu: Incoming: Skaven


Får väl se när det kommer mer handfasta detaljer vad som blir förnyat
Björn Ericson
SWFBR - Admin
The 9th Age - Army Design Team
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#9 Martin J

Martin J

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Postad 26 augusti 2009 - 17:30

Saxat från "theunderempire":

This is by no means my work, but the work of an individual whom I find extremely credible due to his placement in the GW universe. He's never steered me wrong. I thought I'd share it with you furry things!

“There are four new boxes, plus some metal models and probably some repackaged old stuff.

Clanrats / Slaves
- plastic box of 20
- concept sketches by Jes Goodwin and Brian Nelson
- wear tattered robes and armour somewhat similar to LotR moria goblins
- the box may or may not contain parts to make weapon teams

- presumably a plastic box of 10

- plastic or metal box of 1
- smaller than the old version

Screaming Bell / unknown new war machine thingy
- plastic box, makes one or the other
- the bell variant comes with part of the church still attached
- it is unknown what the new war machine is, but given the structure of the screaming bell model, it would be logical to assume some sort of catapult. It is NOT a Cauldron of a Thousand Poxes

Deathmaster Snitch
- metal blister of 1
- jumping off a piece of scenery with a dagger in each hand (we will all be disappointed if he does not also have one in the tail)

“General info

Written by Jeremy Vetock, released November 2009. Major overhaul rulewise and modelwise. All the original fluff is there, the rules seem balanced and in no way over the top. Things that needed fixing were fixed, several new units have been added, interesting rules overall without any proliferation of special abilities for units.

Cover: http://www.warseer.c....6&d=1250954447

One list flexible enough to make different flavours like Skryre, Eshin, Moulder, Pestilence and mixes thereof/other clans. A lot of new option, but not all accompanied by new models. New army wide rules, mainstay perhaps gone but maybe an additional +1CR for outnumbering (for a total of +2).

General model design close to original concepts and Warhammer Online concept art.

Skaven Magic is getting a big update, 13 spells in total and the highest casting cost of a single spell so far (even greater than Lord Kroak's spell). Might include a new big spell, perhaps the costy and complex summoning of a Vermin Lord or another transformation spell of a whole unit. All gray seers will know the skitterleap spell as standard. Grey Seer now knows all spells w unlimited Warpstones. Warplightning is S5 or S4 but it's only 1D6.



More than 5, probably less than 13 but not much, with army altering rules. From the known clans, including Queek from clan Mors. No Vermin Lord as character (but summoned with a spell??). Deathmaster Snikch gets new model. Other new character models as well.

Doomwheel as possible mount. Doomwheel get new plastic (more rumours) or metal model, smaller than the old one, perhaps just one wheel. Rat Ogre mount for Skaven Warlord.

Screaming bell mount for Grey Seer, gets new fantastic plastic kit (can also be made into a Warpfire launcher).

Master Moulder grants regeneration to any Moulder unit he joins.

Plague Priest may now be upgraded to Lv 2 and any pestilence unit he joins can never loses frenzy.

Sniper champion can pick out models to shoot.

Assassins as unit upgrades. Cheaper and weaker than DE assassins but with nice magic gear.


Clan rats
New plastic box. 20 rats for £20. Box also includes Slave models. Single rat maybe cheaper pointwise.
Pic: http://www.warseer.c....9&d=1250791987

Can be made from new clan rat box. Lose slings.

Storm Vermin
New plastic box with 20 rats (limited?) for £30 , also 10 box?. Models quite big. Same points. No 0-1 restriction with a warlord. May move to special. Hand weapon, Halberd, shield and heavy armour as standard. May be upgraded with ratling gun, warpfire thrower and/or assassin like in DE army book. Storm banner gone.

Gutter Runners
No new models. Cheapers by perhaps 2 points.

Weapon Teams
A total of 5 different weapon teams (maybe including new ‘lightning gun’ weapon team, as warp lightning but in the shooting phase). Can hide in clan rat, stormvermin and nightrunner units, are forced out if an enemy unit gets in 10" reach or the hiding unit flees (-2 save). Ratling gun is D6 shots, S4 or S5 and shots 2D6 when panicked. Move and shoot unit. Modelwise either repackaging in boxes or included in clan rat box.

Plague Monks
Core at least under special circumstances. Have frenzy, hatred and poisoned attacks

Censer Bearers
14 points and upgrade to monk units instead of independent rare unit. Makes Plague Monks special unit then (if I understood the text correctly).

Giant rats
mixed unit with Rat Ogres, one Ogre per 12 rats. Without packmaster roll d6 every round: 1-3 stupid, 4-6 frenzied.
Rat Ogres cheaper, other stats and with weapon/ability upgrades. (I am not certain from the text whether Rat Ogres can also be taken without rats).

Poison Wind Globadiers
Now have d6 hits per ‘hit’. No new models.


0-1 unit, no skirmishers, but cheaper. No new models. S5AP not S6

Warp Lightning cannon
No new model. Follows normal war machine rules

Warpfire launcher
New plastic model included in Screaming bell kit.

giant, plague censer contraption
Big Clan Pestilence war machine, as seen on the cover

New big burrowing rat monster ("Hellpit abomination")
New metal model on chariot base. Can be configured cc or shooty. US5, regeneration, stubborn, causes terror, may tunnel and charge in any direction on turn it appears. Other units may follow tunnel, but may get eaten ”

Hoppas detta var lagligt xD
"Signature" ?

#10 Brrracka


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Postad 26 augusti 2009 - 22:10

New big burrowing rat monster ("Hellpit abomination")
New metal model on chariot base. Can be configured cc or shooty. US5, regeneration, stubborn, causes terror, may tunnel and charge in any direction on turn it appears. Other units may follow tunnel, but may get eaten

Cheesus. Det där kan bli hur otäckt som helst.

#11 Scactha


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Postad 27 augusti 2009 - 08:52

En del låter som jöns. Speciellt jättegrävlingen, Grey Seer och spellist.

Förening: YLVA
Arméer: Beasts
Projekt: WE (när nya boken kommer)
Sålda: 2 x WE, 2 x Beasts, WoC, DE, O&G, LM och DoW

#12 eldrak


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Postad 27 augusti 2009 - 15:24

QUOTE (Martin J @ Aug 26 2009, 18:30 ) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Saxat från "theunderempire"

the rules seem balanced and in no way over the top.


#13 Brrracka


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Postad 28 augusti 2009 - 09:27

QUOTE (Scactha @ Aug 27 2009, 09:52 ) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
En del låter som jöns. Speciellt jättegrävlingen, Grey Seer och spellist.

Det går rykten om att magiker kan ta Skitterleap gratis. Grey seer och warplocks får 6 var? Då blir det 13 spells. Låter inte så otroligt tycker jag

#14 Richard Becker

Richard Becker

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Postad 09 september 2009 - 09:58

Detta kanske är en försmak av nya skaven?


#15 Falkman


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Postad 08 oktober 2009 - 00:26

Från BramGaunt på Warseer:

Bram Gaunts Skaven summary.

I had a nice long look into the Army book, and as a passionate Warhammer player I absorbed as much info as I could.

I might be wrong at some details, still, I think I got all that's necessary to give a good overview. Remember that I hail from germany, and therefore I translated most of it as good as possible.

1st: Armywide special rules and differences from "normal" armies, changes from old book.

Magic Items: You have the usual Magic items with the usual restrictions (100 points for Commanders, 50 for heroes), seperated in weapons, trinkets, armour etc.
And than there are the "special" lists of items. Some characters as the Assassins for Example are only allowed some of the special lists. Moulder Clan equip, Skryre wargear, etc.

Shooting into close combat - gone. Yes, it's gone. Really.

placing characters within the last rank - gone. Still, if a character decides to withdraw from a chalange and is placed in the last rank, he still benefits the unit with magical items, leadership, battlestandard etc.

Other army wide rules: Live to fight another day: +1 distance to flee.

you get +1 morale (up to a maximum of 10) in the higth of your rank bonus.

looted wargear (not sure about the name)
thats a short list of equip including several weapons and funny objects. You may have as many of them as you whish, still only once the same per character.

Warpstone pistol - 8 points. 10 " range pistol with warpstone attacks (means magic attacs). counts as a pistol in all means.
Warstone rifle - S 5 Warpstone musket. Move or shoot. 10 points.
Guardian rat - 1 WS 3 S 3 aditional attack with bearers initiative. 5 points.
Tail weapon - 1 aditional attack with S 3, does not benefit with other wargear, may still be used with magic weapons.
Poisoned attacks - 15 points.

2nd - Units.

I start with the boring stuff here, everyone who's interested into the hell pit abomination should scroll down...

If I do not mention otherwise, every unit has +1 to flee and +MW for ranks.


Clanrats -
the same. 4 points each with 1/2 (yes, one half) point for shields and spears.

Strength 3. Come with halberds and mail armour for 7 points, 1 point for shields. One unit may have a magic banner for 50 points. Champion may pic from the "wargear loot" equip for 15 points.

Both Clanrats and Stormvermin may add one (1) weapon team of the following:
Flamethrower (70 points) , Thing-shredder (55 points), Globe mortar (65 points), Rattling gun (55 points)

Flame throwers now have flaming attacks.
rattling guns are the same, but do not hit automatically. the do not suffer a penalty for multiple shots or longe distance shooting.

Slaves -
two points each. 1/2 point for shields, spears or slings. No weapon teams, no champion, Musician standard costs halved.
Slaves have two special rules, one is "cornered" which I do not remember... the other is "worthless" - as long as an enemy is only engaged with slaves, you may shoot into the close combat.
Slaves do not provoke panic tests from any other unit than slaves.

May make a free movement at the beginning of the game. No skirmishers. May have a Warpunnler. 7 points per model,
come with two hand weapons and shuriken.
Champion has a 6+ ward save.

Giant Rats: little cheaper, do not count for minimum of core units

Vermin swarm: 25 points, same as giant rats. do not block linoe of sight.


Gutter runners
May have a warp tunneler. skirmish, outflank from any edge.
Champion has a 5+ ward save. Come with same es shadow runners.
May be given the following: Nets (a net counts as a shield and gives a malus to the enemy, I think it was -1 to hit, nut sure though.) poisened attacks for 5 ppM.

Rat ogres.

Same price here, same profile, come with... frenzy...? don't know the english term. You are granted +1 attack but you have to charge if possible.
you may add as many ogres to the unit as you want (4 ppM), for each 2 ogres you may add one more handler.
May have a mastermoulder (counts as champion, may have 30 points wargear, a Thing-cather which grants him killing blow for 20 points or a great weapon for 4 points.
Mastermoulder profile is 6 5 3 4 4 2 5 2 6

Plague monks: 7 points per model, come with two handweapons, one unit may have a standard for 50 points.
Still have frenzy (was it frenzy? se rat ogres for what I mean...)

Jezzails: 20 points per model. 4+ armour save, NO skirmishers. May have a champion with BS 4 for 10 points. Unit size 3+

Censer bearers: the same almost, forgot about them.

Globardiers: 10 ppm. 5 - 15
Special rules: Life is worthless... may fire into close combat.
shoot from behind: when engaged into close combat, all globardiers which do not have contact with enemy models may shoot at the unit(s) they are engaged with.

I did not look up neither the abilities of special characters, nor their options. I just list you the points.

Lord Skrolk: 470

Thanquol: 450

Ikit Claw: 395

Throt the Unclean: 225

Queek Headtaker: 215
After a brief overlook he seemed pretty strong with WS 7 and 6 attacks...

Verminlord: 500 points.
profile: 8 8 4 6 5 5 10 5 8
Special rules: Flee + 1, Immune to psychology, Terror, great target, 5+ ward save, Sorcerer lvl 4. He counts as a demon.
The vermin lord may not be the general of your army.

Warlord: 90 points.

Grey seer: +1 Morale. Comes with Lvl 4 and D3 warpstone tokens. 240 points.
The Screaming bell is his mount, 200 points. The model itself is HUGE, almost twice es big as the current one. Kit is also used for the "Plague menetekel" (now this word is totally strange to me, and there seems to be no translation to english... wiki led me to this:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_writing_on_the_wall
There's a Rat ogre ringing the bell and a grey seer (with horns) riding the bell. Function of the screaming bell later.

Snikch: has a mantle which obscures him, he's only visible to units on 4+. 270 points.
He has got a murdering profile, Initiative 10 and always strikes first.

Tretch: 145 points.

Assassin. Sad part first: assassins do take a heroe's choice. They work pretty much like DE assassins, with lower profile (stil I 9 ASF)

Warlock: 15 points. At this stage he's a technician only, no wizard.
he may be upgraded to level 1 for 50 points or level 2 for 85 points.
Only one to have 2 warpstone pistols...
May chose lore of doom only. (more to magic later)

Plaguepriest: 100 points, lvl 1 wizard. may chose lore of plague. May have a Plague Menetekel giant swingy-thingy... oO for 150 points.

Now, lets start the interesting point:

Screaming bell.

Bell comes with Magic resistance (2), 4+ ward save, causes fear, is a Large target.. It MUST join a unit of storm vermin or Clan rats. The joindes unit becomes stubborn.
Bell has T6, LP 6, S 5, causes impact hits. The Rat ogre ringing the bell may strike with S5.

Enemy units in contact may chose to attack the Bell (WS of the ogre is applied here (WS 3)) or the prophet.

Moving the bell: It requires at least 10 models to move the bell at full capacity (5 Inches). For each model below 10, it loses 1 Inch of movement, if the unit dropps to 5 it may not move at all.

Ringing the bell (thats what you wanted...)
at the begining of each turn or magic phase (not sure) the player may ring the bell. At turn one he may only use 1 dice, at each of the following up to three.
The bell is automatically rung if wounded by a S5 or higher missile attack.

1 - nothing happens. Spank-spank the Rat ogre for failing-failing...
2 - 4 unit with the bell attached moves D6 inches forward (and may attack if possible)
5 - 8 all friendly units may reroll morale checks within 24 inches of the bell
9 - 10 Bell (not the seer) casts the Spell "Scorch" from lore of doom (see later with magic) at power level 5
11 - 12 All enemys with T7 or higher suffer D3 wounds
13 Say Ding-Dong alound and smile to your enemy. All Enemy units within 24 inches suffer D3 S4 hits. If the Bell is engaged in close combat ALL Skaven within the unit it is attached to may attack in close combat this round.
14 - 16 All units within 12 " gain +1 attack for this turn.
17: All gain +1 attack and get to reroll tohit and to wound
18: with a loud BANG the Bell is destroyed. All units within 4D6 inches suffer D6 S4 hits without armour saves.

if you roll two equals, the result is applied, but the unit pushing the bell suffers D6 S4 hits.
If you roll three equals, both bell and prophet suffer a S5 hit.

Plague menetekel:
It's not a furnace, it's like the bell itself, but with a big censer instead of the bell.
Moves just like the screaming bell, but may only be joined by Plague monks.
I do not remember a lot of this thing. It has two effects, the one's a mighty blow which causes a numer of hits declared with the artillery dice of S5 o the enemy unit in contact., the other makes all models in contact (friend and foe) take a Toughness test or lose one lifepoint.

Which leaves us with
Rare choices

Hell Pit abomination: 235 points.

It may NOT tunnel. It is a crawling, moving mass of dozens of Bodies moulded together, has severel arms, giant claws, etc. The drawing shows it to be at least 10 times as high as a man. It is NOT a giant rat, more like 100 sakven mutated together with parts of giant creatures. the pic was only small but it scared the crap out of me...

Causes impact hits, Terror, Large Target, Regeneration, Stubborn.

Profile: 3W6, 3 1 6 5 6 4 * 8
Moves 3 D6.If you roll three times the same, something bad happens. roll a D6 to see the result: 1: does not move at all, 2 - 5 moves at a random direction, 6: gains + 1 strength. If you roll a second or more 6 it looses 1 wound.
Special attacks: Troll 1 D6 to determine how it strikes
1-2: Feast: 1 S6 hit at all models in contact, no armour save, causes D3 wounds.
2-4: leash: 3D6 attacks. A unit that suffers a casulty get a -1 penalty to hit rolls against the abomination.
5-6: Crush: all miniatures in contact have to take a I-test or will be killed, the crushed unit suffers 2D6 S6 hits.

If the nasty thing is dead, playe a marker at it's position. at the beginning of your next turn, roll 1 D6.
1 - 3: Killed. The dreaded creature is dead, dead, dead. Your enemy may open a keg.
4 - 5: Rats leave the sinking ship, er, mean to say creature. Place D3 Vermin swarms.
6: It's ALIVE!! The Abomination comes back to life with D6 Lifepoints.

Doom Wheel - 150 points

Causes Terror, Impact hits (D6 + 1), Large target.

Moves like a chariot (3D6). If moved through difficult terrain it only suffers D3 S4 hits and moved on. However, if it moves againts impassible terrain it suffers D6 S10 hits and stops...
when negaged in close combat it may crush the enemy, causing D3 S6 hits.

Warplightning Arc - has to shoot 3 times each round, causing as many hits as the artillery dice shows you to the NEAREST unit. Strength is 6. Warlock may surpress firing with a morale check. Morale is 7.
If you roll a malfunction: 1: suffers D6 S6 hits, - 1 D6 movements. Three times this result and it is destroyed.
2-5 moves at a random direction.
6: Whats that button-button fore? Moves an aditional D6 until end of game.

Warp Lightnin canon - 90 points.
No more ward save, does not have to pick "flee".
It works just like a cannon now, with the following difference: The first Artillery dice is used to determine the beginning of the effekt, the second one for how far the Spark "jumps" and for the strength.

Malfanction: 1- 2 : it exploed.
3 - 5: oooops... shoots 4D6 in a random direction, with S 10, and exploed with the 5 inces blast at the end of the line.
6 - may not shoot this turn.

Plague catapult: Magic catapult with S2 poisened attacks with large template. Funny thing: one of the malfunction results makes your opponent place the large template anywhere within 3D6 from originalt target. 100 points.


As reported there are two lores: Lore of Doom and Lore of plagues.

But first....

the DREADED 13th Spell - cure of the horned rat. Cast on 25.

Only grey seers may have it.

It causes 4D6 casulties at one infantry unit. No Saves at all. If the unit is totally destroyed by this, you gain a unit of clan rats equal to the number of models destroyed, otherwise they are only casulties (the fellow warriors just "release therir former brothers from their suffering")

Lore of Doom:

1 - Sulfurjump: teleports one character within 12 inches to anywhere on the table. cast on 5+
2 - Warp lightning: magic missile with D6 S 5 hits. a roll of 1 hits the caster.
3 - Howling Warpstorm: Flyers may not fly, and all shooting suffers -1 to hit. Skaven shooting excluded. cast on 7+
4 - Deadly frenzy: one unit gains frenzy with +2 rather than +1 attack. does replace normal frenzy (so you don't get +3 attacks) lasts until unit looses combat.
5 - Scorch: places 3" template within 24 ", causing a flaming S5 attack to any model touched. Cast on 11+
6 - Jaws of the World Rat (seriously, it's named somewhat else, something with chasm or canyon or what ever, but the effect is the same...) Draw a line of 4D6 inches from the caster. Any model touched must take a Initiative test or is removed. War machines and chariots only on 5+.

Lore of plague.

1 - Plagebreath: cast on 5+, S2 breath weapon which ignores armour. In close combat engaged unit sufferd D6 S2 hits without armour.
2 - Poisened Gift: cast on 7+, unit gains poisened attacks. If it has it already, poisened attacks now work on 5+. Last til end of the game (!!)
3 - Wither: one Unit within 12 inches suffers -1 Toughness til end of the game. Cast on 8+
4 - Verminflood: cast on 8+: 5 " template moves 4d6 inches (not through impassible terrain, touched units suffer §d6 s2 hits.
5 - Foul clourd: cast on 11+ all units within 12 " suffer D6 S 5 hits without Armour: enemy on 2+, skaven on 4+, plague monks, censer bearers, globardiers and plague priests on 5+.
6 - the plague: same as before. cast on 12.

Weapon teams: almost forgot about them.

They come with heavy armour. As long as they stay within 3" of their attached unit they gain the morale bonus of their units ranks, and a 4 + ward save. They count as a single unit (and may be attacked and shot at as usual)

so, this is it. Enjoy =)

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Postad 08 oktober 2009 - 00:34

Grymt jobbigt att man måste börja med de här grabbarna nu...igen... tongue.gif
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Postad 08 oktober 2009 - 12:03

Och där tappade hydran sin plats som spelets mest brutna och underkostade monster ifall de där sakerna stämmer tongue.gif

Christian Wennberg

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Jag må vara sämre än Marcus, men jag har i alla fall varit bäst i världen

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Postad 08 oktober 2009 - 12:14

Hell Pit abomination: 235 points.
Rimligt GW... .tongue.gif
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Postad 08 oktober 2009 - 12:38

Lite nya saker och lite gamla som återkommer. Slutresultatet när det gäller GT listor blir nog ändå det samma. Skytte och magi.
En sammanfattning från en engelsk version vore nog bra hur som.

Sen ser det ut som dom lyckats med bedriften att från arméboken som hade flest konstiga specialregler skapat ännu fler saker att hålla reda på.
Antar att det är meningen att tvinga även resten av spelarna som inte spelar skaven att köpa boken för att fatta vad som händer.

Det enda jag saknar är ninjatriaden. De flesta andra klanerna fick något mer än ninjaråttorna.
True line of sight. Vilket lysande påhitt.

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Postad 08 oktober 2009 - 13:30

Den stora spellen känns ju lagomt tråkig också. Tyckte man Gateway magifasen var tråkig så....

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